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Nov 23, 2007 07:10 AM

Borough Food and Drink - Review

Went here for dinner on Wed night. Lets just say I give it 6 more months tops before it closes. This space seems cursed as at least 5 places have opened and closed in the last 5 years. Most notable the Rocco DiSipirito restaurant from the reality TV show.
Anyway I will not go into great detail about our meal because it just isnt worth it. In Brief;
the burger was good but the caper spread was way to salty. The "bowl" of dumplings for $15 was 5 small dumplings no better than most chinese take out joints offer for $6. The waffle with fried chicken was good and would probably order that if forced to go again.
Some good local beers and drinks were consumed most enjoyable was the margarita with Patron, Grand Ma and fresh lime juice. The pickles we flavorless and the overall feeling was very un-memorable. The prices are just too high for bar food and the food not quality enough to warrant the prices.

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  1. while I can't speak for your experience the other night, the restaurant is undergoing a shift in ownership and concept right now, so these weeks might not be the fairest time to judge the place. I'd give them another month to straighten things out and then go back for a better assessment...