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Nov 23, 2007 06:58 AM

Ki or another cocktail place

I'm wondering if Ki is "worth it" for cocktails. I like innovative drinks made with fresh ingredients. Any other recommendations? I've already been to Byzantium. I'm looking for something beyond the classics.

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  1. In a word, no. Not worth the crowds or the prices. Just down the street, the Bymark bar mixes better innovative drinks. Laide mixes pretty good drinks in an, ahem, interesting atmosphere. Also try Drake Hotel's bar on the main floor (warning: gets mighty crowded), as well as the bar at Blowfish.

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      There was an article in the Wednesday Star on some interesting coctails at Kultura.

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        Geez, is Laide still around? I visited a few years ago and while the food was good, and the atmosphere interesting, it seemed like a wierd concept to me, and further the staff seemed so sloshed within a few hours of opening that I assumed poor management would have closed the place. Any comments on current conditions?

        1. re: bluedog

          Yeah, it's still around (at least as of two months ago or so, which is approx. the last time I was there). The staff always seemed very nice to me and weren't too inebriated as far as I could tell. I hope the place sticks around as there aren't many unique bars like this in Toronto. Laide provides a nice reprieve from the same 'ol thing.

          1. re: spades

            Not disagreeing! I'd have probably gone back, but I don't get out that much, so for me the same 'ol thing is generally fresh :)