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Really Fresh Sushi-New Jersey

Looking for really fresh and well prepared sushi in New Jersey...willing to travel.....prefer not going into Manhattan

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  1. Tomo's in Little Falls would likely fit the bill! Easy to get to off of Rt 46. Full reports/pics are on egullet; do a search in NJ for Tomo's and you'll find it, as the restaurant doesn't seem to have a web site. My serious sushi friends just rave about the place!

    Tomo's Cuisine
    113 Route 23 (Pompton Ave)
    Little Falls, NJ 07424
    (973) 837-1117

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        From David Corcoran's NYT review (he gave it a Very Good):
        À la carte sushi and rolls, $1.25 to $4.50. Lunch entrees, $7.95 to $13.95. Dinner entrees, $10.50 to $24.50. MasterCard and Visa only.

      1. While not in New Jersey, it is right over the border in NY in Nanuet in Rockland County. It is called Sakana and I first heard about it on these boards. It is by far the best Sushi outside of NYC and very reasonable. The ambiance is just OK, but it is the fresh fish and creative rolls that has customers lined up for big waits most nights of the week. I had some takeout for dinner last night and it was awesome. I also like Flirt in Allendale, but I usually drive the extra 10 minutes to go to Sakana.

        1. "...willing to travel..."

          Well, if you want to sample some of the finest sushi in New Jersey, I strongly recommend you travel to Shumi in Somerville, which is considered by many to have the best sushi in the Garden State.

          Here's a recent link that includes some comments about Shumi. Read especially the remarks by houdini on Nov. 23. I traveled to Japan for over ten years and I agree with his comment that the food at Shumi is as good as anything you'd find in Japan.


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            I believe shumi got an excellent from the NY times. Hands down the best sushi in NJ

          2. Depending on where you are in NJ, I would highly recommend Sakura Bana in Ridgewood. Out of all of the sushi places that I've tried in NNJ, I think it's the freshest. I also like the fact that they have a very wide variety, and all of their dishes that I've tried (non-sushi) are really good. Be prepared to wait on line though--it's a very popular place. And it's byob.

            43 Franklin Ave, Ridgewood, NJ 07450

            1. Have you been to Nikko on Route 10, Whippany or Sakura Steakhouse on Route 46 on Parsippany(less than 1/2 milde from Noodle Chu)? I don't know if they have the freshest fish but I haven't heard any complaints about either place. Sakura makes a delicious Shrimp tempura roll.

              1. honestly, I'd check out some of the Asian Food Stores sushi stalls ( i think theres a chain...afc) around nj. they always have amazingly fresh fish. they may not have the greatest variety of rolls, but just for sashimi i hardly go anywhere else...(i like the one on rte. 18 their tuna is always so fresh and amazing)

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                  all this talk of "fresh", are people meaning "not previously frozen"? Just about all fish consumed as sushi is frozen IINM. I think the quality of the fish is probably the most important factor, although plenty of other factors go into great sushi.

                2. How does great Sushi , Saki and a view of the Lower Manhattan Skyline sound to you? My recommendation is Komegashi Too on Pavonia in the Newport Section of Jersey City right across from the Path Station off Washington. Very easily accessible and public parking access across the street.

                  Check out their site: <www.komegashi.com>

                  They have two restaurants in Jersey City Not your usual Japanese Restaurant.

                  After dinner, you can go to The Light Horse Tavern on Washington for after dinner drinks. <www.lighthorsetavern.com>

                  1. I am a New Jersey foodie. I LOVE Sushi! Here are my picks

                    Best Overall Sushi/Sashimi - Kyoto Rt 9 Engishtown NJ
                    Best Creative Menu - Flirt Sushi - Allendale NJ
                    Best Places For Sushi Central NJ
                    (In no particular order for creative rolls and yummy sushi always)
                    Kyoto Rt 36 - Atlantic Highlands
                    Fuji - Dayton NJ
                    Midori Sushi - Highland Park NJ
                    Shogun Legends - Wall NJ (Salmon Edamame Dumpling - Great)
                    Aki Sushi - Port Monmouth NJ
                    Mitsuba - Chatham NJ
                    Mr Pi - Edison NJ
                    Akira - Mt Laurel NJ
                    Konbu - Manalapan NJ
                    Monster Sushi - Summit NJ
                    Nagasaki - Lakewood NJ
                    Naka Sushi - Manalapan NJ
                    Oyako Tso - Freehold NJ
                    Samuri Sushi - Maplewood NJ (The Most Beautiful Sushi Roll - Snowflower)
                    Wasabi House - East Brunswick NJ
                    Ajihei - Princeton NJ

                    1. I just ate at Jo Sho in Somerset. What a wonderful surprise. This is a GREAT traditional Sushi restaurant that has been in business for 20 years.

                      I enjoyed the Burdock Root Tempura - Salmon and Kanpachi

                      This definitely is now one of my favorite places in Central NJ

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                        Has anyone tried Ten East in Bayonne on route 440? Its just past the cruise ship port and across from a lightrail station. A beautilful restaurant that serves Hibachi and Fusion as well. Sushi and sashimi are very fresh.