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Nov 23, 2007 06:16 AM

Pasta challenge: a few restrictions

So I've invited some friends for dinner tomorrow night. Here's the thing. One is kosher and/or vegetarian (the line is very fuzzy for her). If the meat is kosher she'll eat it, if not, she'll go veg. Since I really don't have access to much kosher meat, I decided to make some kind of pasta dish. I have this idea that I want to do something with butternut squash and fettuccine (or similar pasta). Is there a delicious, hearty, warm and fuzzy pasta dish I can make that isn't a butternut squash lasagne? I have a recipe for lasagne with butternut squash but somehow just don't feel like lasagne. No bacon or sausage, of course (which would I would otherwise use).

I also happen to have some kosher cornish hens in the freezer if that helps. But then, of course, no cheese or dairy in the meal.

I'll be serving it with a good bitter salad and maybe some kind of green veg like rapini or broccoli. It's cold and horrible outside - I don't want a light dinner.


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  1. How about butternut squash ravioli? Even if you just used wonton wrappers it would be wonderful served with butter, sage and hazelnuts.

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      I was thinking of that. I guess I balked at the fiddliness of making ravioli.

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        Nyleve, I just went to and put in 'butternut squash pasta casserole' and it came up with all sorts of delish sounding stuff!

    2. What about a squash gnocci and the cornish game hens?

      1. I was recently raving about the Winter Squash Risotto with Radicchio and Parmesan from Sunday Suppers at Lucques:

        It's not online, but if the idea appeal to you I could paraphrase.

        1. Check out this link, for lots of great butternut squash ideas. Lots are gratins, but you could easily turn those into pasta bakes. The aforementioned gnocchi sound fabulous to me, and easier than ravioli but similarly impressive and delightful.

          1. I made a great pasta/butternut squash dish from Giada De Laurentiis. It calls for shrimp, but would be fine without it. Everyone raved about it.