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Nov 23, 2007 05:43 AM

Has anyone eaten at Prespa on Lex?

Recently opened in my neighborhood and looks really pretty. Has anyone eaten there?

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  1. I have already been to Prespa twice since it opened and it is wonderful. I live in the neighborhood and found it by chance one sat night. I walked in and was expecting the worst because it was virtually empty and it was quite a pleasant surprise. We got the dip sampler and bruschetta for apps which were both really tasty. I got the chicken duo both times I went because it is just that good. My boyfriend had the whole fish special which he also loved. The owner of the restaurant who was there both times and the waiters are all incredibly friendly and charming. I'm waiting for this place to be discovered- i'm actually a little nervous about posting b/c it has been my little secret for the past month :). Definitely give this place a try!

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      I love this place! I also have been here a few times since it has opened. I go with a group of friends and the staff is very pleasant, the food is unique and tasty and the place is gorgeous. I always ask for their specials of the day, if you want to go for something new. I had the Steak with a potato puree which was excellent and of course, a bottle of wine (they have a large selection). My friends had the Couscous Royale and the Paella Valenciana. We started with the flaming cheese (which is lit and flaming at the table!). Go for it-a real treasure.

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        I walk by there all the time and it looks beautiful inside. I feel bad for the place as they have had a string of bad luck. Right when they opened, scafolding covered the outside seating area and then there was a fire which closed it for a long time. I am defnitely going to try it sometime within the next week- the menu looks great. That area is really lacking for good restaurants (well, besides indian restaurants) so I hope it stays around.

    2. I really wanted to like this place because it's quiet, relatively cute, and staffed by very friendly, attentive people. But the food was mediocre. Maybe it was an off night, because I've heard good things about it. Some examples of why I didn't like Prespa--- the Mediterranean spread trio of hummus, romesco, and tzatziki was a mess. The hummus tasted like nothing but tahini, and was runny. The tzatziki was also runny. The romesco was pretty good, but that was about it. A tuna tartare appetizer was a big mushy mess. It came with guacamole and chickpeas, and some greasy mushy plantain chips. There was no texture contrast, no acid, no crunch, nothing. Just mushy, underseasoned raw fish with mushy, underseasoned other things. The main dishes weren't much better. The papardelle with ragu had the tinny, metallic taste of Chef Boyardee. The ragu itself tasted old. The meat in it was very chewy and dry. The pasta was overcooked. A grilled salmon dish was dry and looked ridiculous, with giant scoops of basil pesto and some kind of tomato relish on top. In general, the food was presented in this overwrought, pseudo '90-s way, with lots of unnecessary flourishes that just accentuated how blah the food was. Did I mention that everything was underseasoned? I was practically pouring salt on everything. Short ribs were tasty but a little on the grisly side. I'm bummed I didn't like the food. Again, I wanted to like this place. But it just didn't deliver.