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Colombian Restaurants?

Does anyone know where I can find a Colombian restaurant in Massachussets? Preferably in Boston/Cambridge, but if there are none there, can you point me out to the ones outside of that area then?


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  1. Check El Cafetal in Allston(menu on menu pages boston) or Pollos Mr. Mario's in East Boston.

    1. El Penol in East Boston.

      E Boston has a number of Central and South American restaurants and markets. I bought some very good, home made Colombian chorizo at a little market a few doors up Meridian St from Maverick Sq

      1. I've eaten a couple of times at Camino Real, on Harvard Ave. in Allston. The food was quite tasty, with large portions and reasonable prices.

        Camino Real
        48 Harvard Ave # 50, Allston, MA

        1. east boston - el penol, el jardin, la chiva
          allston - camino real, el cafetal
          revere - la fonda paisa

          1. I thought El Cafetal closed earlier this year. Non-payment of taxes, I read.

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              They closed briefly in May, had signs up for an equipment auction, and then almost immediately afterwards reopened under the same name and underwent considerable sprucing up. They're definitely open and running now.

            2. La Casa de Pedro, Arsenal Mall, Watertown.

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                Casa de Pedro is Venezuelan. Close but not exactly Colombian....and it's not in the Arsenal Mall, but further down Arsenal St. toward Watertown Square in the same complex as Panera Bread. And if Venezuelan is close enough to satisfy your hunger, consider another, even better Venezeulan, Orinoco in the South End.

              2. There's a website with a list of Colombian restaurants in US most of them in Miami and New York, but they have other areas too.


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                  Miami, New York, Houston, and San Francisco - not especially useful for people looking for restaurants in Boston.

                2. What's the latest on Re-Tamale in East Boston? I liked the very chickeny Colombian tamale I had there when they first opened (~1 year ago), and I don't remember that many of the Colombian places making tamales. Any word on their morcilla which they make themselves?

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                    I will try to check it out sometime, but hadn't noticed your original post on it and usually stay further out Bennington. El Paisa also makes their own morcilla, which they sell by the lb (and they have a pretty similar lineup of arepa fillings with columbian flare to mi arepa, although I sort of like the lineup at La Fonda Paisa which are probably a bit less healthy). Would be nice to have some more folks hounding Columbian food as I think there is a lot we are missing.

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                      Great thanks for chiming, perhaps I'll be able to pop in the next time I'm in town too. They had just opened may a month or 2 when I first went, and was wondering if they've expanded their (then tiny) menu.