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Nov 23, 2007 04:46 AM

New Kosher Special in Elizabeth, NJ

Anyone ever go there? I've had a couple people recommend it recently but I have little basis to trust their chowishness. Anyone know if they deliver? TIA!

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  1. It's hole in the wall fast food chinese. It's hit or miss. It's not the cleanest place....
    Their chicken wings used to be good, but the last few times we went...they tasted off. They don't take credit cards,

    1. i live in elizabeth, so i know this place for a long time. heres the deal.

      i personally dont think it is so amazing, but then iagain i dont love chinese food. but everyone else loves this place, "dude, you live in elizabeth? they've got the best chinese" that is something i have been hearing or years. they do not take credit cards. they do deliver orders over $25, but it depends where. i know they deliver to staten island, but i dont know the restrictions.

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      1. re: kiddush hopper

        If they deliver to SI, then the 15 minutes to Maplewood shouldn't be a hold-up. If their delivery timing is better than Chopstix--minimum 90 minutes it seems--I'm going to give it a shot. Thanks.

        1. re: DeisCane

          if you're in maplewood, you might want to try lin's kosher chinese in mannville. i still cannot figure out why there is a kosher chinese place there but its under a very good hechsher (i cant remember which one off hand)

          from what ive heard and tasted, it is the best kosher chinese around

          1. re: kiddush hopper

            Yes, I remember when it opened having a similarly puzzled feeling about it. Funny thing is that we were at friends in North Brunswick yesterday and their menu was on the fridge. I wonder if they deliver to Maplewood though. That's more than 30 miles.

            1. re: kiddush hopper

              I beg to differ. New Kosher Special is much better than Lin's Kosher and the chinese restaurant in Highland Park. Go to Elizabeth instead.

              1. re: kiddush hopper

                Lin's is kosher under the OK and we love it

          2. I've had only positive experiences with the food from New Kosher Special. We tried Lin's once, and it was o.k., but, in my opinion, the food was not nearly as good as the food from New Kosher Special. I can recommend their Sesame Chicken, House Special Mai Fun Noodles, & Egg Drop Soup. Their egg rolls are better than most I've had, except for those from Nosheria in Boro Park, which closed years ago.

            1. I live in Elizabeth, and take out from there frequently. I am one of those who think the food is great, although I do like Manalapin's Kosher Chinese express slightly better. They mix up orders a lot, so check your order carefully before you leave the store. I recommend the Tofu-Vegetable soup, the Hunan Chicken, the Szechwan Chicken, and the Szechwan Tofu. I do not recommend the Sesame chicken, as they use small pieces of dark meat. Yuck! I also would not recommend eating at the store, but you'll realize this as soon as you walk in. :) Overall, if you order right, you will be very satisfied

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              1. re: Hirscheys

                Thanks for the tips. BTW, I prefer dark meat to white and most places make sesame chicken with dark unless you request white, in my experience.

                1. re: DeisCane

                  The only thing I will add is that the pieces are small, so many pieces end up as mostly overfried batter. I like sesame chicken with bigger pieces, lightly fried, with a thin crust, and they don't do that here. Manalapin does this well, as do a couple of places in Queens (Annie Chan's and Cho-sen Garden - great places -YUM!).
                  Also, I am not a beef or veal fan so I can't attest to those types of dishes, but you should be happy with any of the other chicken choices here.

                2. re: Hirscheys

                  Can you please clarify? Is it the Manalapan store or New Kosher Special that you say serves Sesame chicken with small pieces of dark meat? That wasn't my experience with NKS, as I wouldn't have enjoyed that either (I've had the type of Sesame Chicken that you describe, in other places, and know what you mean).
                  I can't say that I've ordered it there often, but I had it during Chol HaMoed Succos, and remember enjoying it very much. This seems to go along with my usual complaint about inconsistency in restaurant food.
                  As far as the service, we did have a problem with that Chol HaMoed Succos order. We called it in way in advance, to be picked up. When my husband got there, they hadn't even begun preparing it, and had to start searching for the order. I attributed it to the fact that the place was extremely busy at the time.

                  1. re: Bzdhkap

                    Manalapan KCE has excellent Sesame Chicken, NKS in Elizabeth not so great. I know it's also a "hole-in-the-wall", and I haven't been there in a while, but KCE in Manalapan is the best kosher chinese I've tasted.

                3. I go there every few months and I think it's good; never had the wings though.