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Nov 22, 2007 10:25 PM

Bodeans BBQ

I wanted to quickly report back on my experience at Bodeans BBQ last night on account of Thanksgiving. We managed to find a table at the last minute - even though it was pretty packed last night.

The restaurant advertised a £19.99 pp Thanksgiving dinner, which seemed okay to us. What they declined to mention was there was a two person minimum. Also, as we looked around, we realized portions were really meager for the supposedly special meal. Oh well.

We ended up ordering a 1/2 BBQ chicken with their special BBQ sauce, and a jerk chicken grilled burger, corn bread, potatoes with sour cream and chives.

I absolutely loved both the wife's BBQ as well as my jerk chicken! Well spiced and balanced. The jerk chicken burger was a real 'tear' jerker, it had embedded scotch bonnet peppers. Corn bread was so-so and a bit hard actually. It did not pass the wife's taste test, but then her family is from the (American) South.

I also had a French Martini, which missed the mark completely on all counts. I felt like there was hardly any vodka in it.

Total tab was £ 32.50 with 12.5% service charge included.

Poland St, London, Greater London W1F 7, GB

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  1. Am really surprised anyone could have a meager portion at Bodeans! I've always found it to be a place that completely OTT - particularly the meat. Last time I went I left with a 'i never want to eat again' food baby - but then as my husband tells me, I am a girl. It's one of those places that is actually a lot better when you've had too much to drink! Maybe the kitchen was running low by the time you got there ;) Am not sure how much you like Jerk Chicken but there is a place on Wardour St that does soul food that's meant to be quite good (not as good as some of the places in Hackney but better than Bodean's).

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      Our reservation was for 5 PM. No way they could have run out of food for a supposedly 'special' meal. Also, there was no mention of a two person minimum.

      If you let me know the name of the place on Wardour St, I shall definitely try it on my next visit - next month.

      On a funny note, the wife dragged me to one of our local Whole Foods in SF immediately upon our return from London - to get her fix of turkey, cranberry jelly and brussel sprouts !!