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What restaurant did you eat at on Thanksgiving?

If you had your Turkey Day dinner at a restaurant -- even if it wasn't turkey -- please share. Tell us about it here, and next year I and anyone else needing a place to eat will use the search engine to find this post and maybe get ideas.

Me, I ate at a Mexican restaurant in Queens so I can't write about it here. But it was packed with happy families and instead of being alone I felt a part of a big happy fiesta.

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  1. We ate at home, but did notice that the following places were open and serving a Thanksgiving meal - posting for "the record" so to speak, as I generally have no idea what's open:

    Table d'Hote
    Bistro du Nord
    Cafe d'Alsace

    1. We had a last-minute reservation at Roberto Passon on 9th Ave. and 50th Street.

      Not recommended.

      We didn’t opt for the Turkey dinner prix fixe. Instead, we ordered a la carte.

      The marinated pan seared scallop was terribly bland (and this was supposed to be marinated?) and dry; we had a decent Fettucine with mushroom and truffle oil (but have had better versions of the mushroom/truffle-sauced pasta in other places); and our entrees, chicken with cheese and prosciutto and the veal piccata were, again, dry, but this time, over-salted.

      Good service.

      The wine list was boring and un-inspiring.

      1. We went to Landmarc last night - it was pretty good. They had a turkey dinner with all the fixings, but I had a strip steak instead. My boyfriend had the pasta special. Probably the highlight though was dessert - cotton candy! It's not on the menu but you can ask for it. Everybody in the restaurant looked at our big pink basket as it came to our table. Yummy!

        1. We had a superb (no suprise) early dinner at Aureole yesterday. We all had the lobster and corn chowder--delicious, followed by the carmelized scallops and sweet potato gnocchi---also delicious (we're not turkey fans). Since we've missed dessert the last two visiits, we received all of the desserts--all delicious. The debonair Alex and Ken took wonderful care of us. The restaurant was very full, yet the service was flawless.

          1. Great idea for a thread, Brian S!

            However, none of the 4 posters so far had turkey!? Not sure that will help the searchers...Someone, please, tell me somewhere you had a traditional turkey dinner in NYC! Did anyone go to EMP?

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              Linking to another poster's Thanksgiving Day meal at Amazing 66 - I'm bookmarking this thread for next year!


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                I'm glad you think it's a good idea. I started a similar thread on the Outer Boroughs board, and here's the link:

              1. I need to retract my heretofore positive mentions of Rolf's, where we "ate" last night.

                First, my salad failed to arrive. Next, our turkey dinners consisted of a few bits of turkey atop ice-cold stuffing, with a gallon of gravy attempting to hide the fiasco. We sent them back to be heated up but the waiter, to his credit, realized what the kitchen had done and refused to bring us back that poor excuse for an entree. He was going to bring us ribs instead, but after 15 minutes of depressed waiting, we threw cash on the table for our drinks and walked out.

                Ended up at Finnegan's Wake on the UES, an old standby where we had a ridiculously good turkey and all the trimmings for $16.

                1. My husband and I had Thanksgiving dinner at Bar Americain and it was terrific. We started with a lobster salad, which we split. There were huge chunks of lobster, some avocado, and a light dressing. Delicious. I had a chopped asparagus salad for my next course and my husband had a johnnycake topped with duck and cranberry. It was amazingly rich. I loved my salad too. We both had the traditional turkey dinner and that was great as well. The service was really top-notch and our entire evening was really perfect. I am so glad we skipped the cooking and dishes and celebrated here instead.

                  1. I ate at the Hudson Cafeteria, at the bar (they have an open kitchen). Except for a couple seated a discreet distance away from me, I was alone--ugh! The waitstaff and cookstaff were very sweet to me, but I was surrounded by mostly large groups of people--those communal tables were not for singletons on Thanksgiving. The food was underwhelming--best thing on my turkey dinner was the sweet potato souffle. I should have gone to a Mexican restaurant in Queens with Mike--perhaps next year, all of us foodies who are alone should go somewhere together--but how to arrange this? I think it's a good idea.

                    1. i ate at bluewater grill. first time there. and disappointed in the service.
                      we arrived 15 minutes early for our reservations. watched other people who had a later reservation get seated before us. they kept on confusing walk-ins w/ people w/ reservations. and they told us we had to wait till our whole party arrived before seating us - which we were all there - and they allowed other parties to sit w/ half their party. oh and they kept on forgoetting our names and why we were standing there. the 'lobby' area was a madhouse and really disorganized. finally we were seated about 40 minutes after our reservation time. took a long time before a server stopped by. had to ask for water and silverware repeatedly. we only got the bread basket after asking for it after a 15 minute wait. the meal itself was pretty good. we got the pre-fix turkey special. the entree came way too quickly after the appetizers - we were still finishing up. and the desert menu didn't really explain the desert - we thought we were getting pecan pie - but it was a chocolate pie w/ a few pecans in it. had to ask for tea - wasn't offered to us even though part of the pre-fix special. had to ask for cream w/ the coffee. had to ask for our water glasses and other drinks to be refilled through out the meal. and then as we were enjoying the tea. as we got the tea - we also go the bill. and as we were still drinking the tea - the manager stopped by picking up the checkbook and we had to tell him we hadn't even gotten to it as we were still finishing up our meal. he was not pleased and made some snotty comment. i hate that feeling of being rushed out - especially on a holiday where i want to enjoy spending time w/ my company.
                      i understand the place being really busy - but for hearing decent reviews - i was expecting better service. thankfully the company was good and i did enjoy the conversation and the turkey&stuffing.