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What to do with capers?

Happy Thanksgiving guys! I have a bunch of leftovers, we did chicken and stuffing and all that, but I have some capers I'd like to do something with that have been in the fridge for a little while in an unopened jar. What should I use them with in maybe chicken or other things?

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  1. I put capers in my egg salad. I also love them with corn. They're great in a chopped salad. I often use cucumbers, romaine, red peppers, feta cheese chopped very fine, then throw in the capers.

    1. You can throw them in any salad - tuna, egg, salmon, green salad. Throw them on your pizza with smoked salmon. They go with smoked salmon anywhere actually - with cream cheese, a little fresh dill, fresh cracked black pepper.

      1. they make a great addition to salmon salad, potato salad, or many other dishes with a mayo- or mustard-based dressing or sauce.
        i also use them in tomato sauce with black olives, artichoke hearts, red onions, roasted garlic and fresh herbs.
        oh, and they add a nice salty/vinegary punch to a mediterranean omelette or frittata.
        or you could just go for one of the traditional uses...veal or chicken piccata, remoulade sauce, or tapenade.

        1. This is my current favorite chicken and caper dish from Epicurious...I usually use red wine instead of white and have used canned diced tomatoes successfully; it's awesome over angel hair pasta:


          1. I make a pasta dish that calls for capers. Basically it's roasted cherry tomatoes, added to cooked pasta (rotini or such) along with mini bocconcini, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, fresh thyme, marjoram and capers. (if you need the recipe I can post it)

            1. If they're in brine, they'll keep for a long, long time. That said, I use them pretty regularly. I like to sautee chicken or fish in lemon, butter, and capers. Or, I'll put them on top of some smoked fish and a cracker.

              1. Chicken Piccata is classic. I've been getting addicted to capers recently. I think I'm hooked so I'm looking forward to everyone's suggestiona as well!


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                  I second the piccata idea, it's tasty! Either chicken, veal or even pork will work.

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                    Try to brown the capers in the butter, they'll be crunchy and taste great.

                  1. Snapper Vera Cruz

                    Use a whole fish if available, rather than filets.

                    Make a tomato sauce: saute sliced onions and garlic till limp, add 2# fresh or canned whole tomatoes, 2 T capers, 1 minced 'chile en escabeche' (pickled hot pepper), 3 T roughly chopped green olives, 1 t. marjoram, s&p to taste. Simmer 10 minutes, pour over cleaned whole 2# fish in baking dish, Drizzle 2 T olive oil over the top and bake at 350 degrees for about 35-40 minutes, till sauce is good and bubbly, and fish flakes.

                    Great the next day as sandwich filling in warm hard french rolls. The capers make all the difference.

                    1. Great ideas everyone, thanks a bunch!

                      1. I love them especially with lemon buerre blanc over salmon or used in chicken picatta. I made a chilled chicken picatta salad not too long ago, then added more capers to the lemony dressing. They just pick up and pair well with so many things.

                        1. A caper on its own or inside an olive slice on devilled eggs.

                          1. I love capers, and just found another recipe: http://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/20...
                            Haven't tried this yet, but with capers and cream, how could it not be good?

                            1. I have a bunch, too (Costco-sized jar) and added them, along with lemon zest, to some mayo the day after Thanksgiving. Used it for a grilled turkey sandwich with goat cheese and arrugula. Very nice.

                              1. You can also fry them in some olive oil and they'll start to bloom a bit and then get crunchy. They make a good salty/briny topping or you can just pop them in your mouth.