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Gingerbread House Making Class with Gourmandise Desserts

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Hi everyone! I'm hosting a private gingerbread making class with Gourmandise Desserts at my home in Duarte on December 9 from 1pm to 4pm. The cost is $45 if you send me a check (email me for my address) or $48 if you send the payment via Pay Pal (www.paypal.com) to my email address at abby@pleasurepalate.com. Once you've paid for the class, I'll send you my address/directions. As for the class itself, look below for all the info.

Rediscover the joy of making (and eating) Gingerbread creations! We will bake Gingerbread Cookies, assemble and decorate Gourmet Gingerbread Houses with Royal Icing and decadent decorations, and learn to great tricks to making these houses look fantastic! Everyone takes home a Gingerbread Chalet and a half dozen Gingerbread Men.

The class will be taught by Chef Clemence Gossett of Gourmandise Desserts and if you'd like to see pics from the last class we did with her, check out the link below:


For any inquiries, please email me at abby@pleasurepalate.com

Thanks so much,

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