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May 31, 2006 12:10 PM

Suggestions for 6th & Market (Not Tu Lan)

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Would prefer a place for drinks/bites where people can meet up tonight, rather than a place for grabbing a quick sandwich, etc. For that reason, I'm considering the bar at Lalita's, althought the food isn't that great. Thoughts? Where do the Hastings kids hang out nowadays?

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  1. Olive is right around there, a bar with small-plates like snacks.

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    1. re: Meredith
      Robert Lauriston

      Olive is about eight blocks from 6th and Market. Not very nice blocks, some of them.

      1. re: Meredith

        Yeah, Olive is one of my regular haunts, but it's a little too far into the 'loin for my preferences/purposes this evening.

      2. There isn't much in that area, but the cafe on the top floor of Nordstrom (5th and Market) is pretty solid. Fresh tasting salads and sandwiches and entrees, I even think i got a pizza there once with baby asparagus? Plus there is a good view.

        1. some of us hastings kids do seem to go to lalita's but i can't figure out why beyond the location. the food is not good, and the drink specials are not terribly exciting.

          we also find the staff at soluna to be unfriendly. chevy's does have good margaritas (the fresh raspberry watermelon was tasty), but it's chevy's, so you know how the food is.

          drinks and bites could be had at trader vic's, who has excellent drink specials and nice things to eat, including a couple free hot appetizers that are always decent, if not good. i've found the staff to be friendly even though we're not ordering top shelf drinks like some of the gentlemen in suits. that's where i'd go.

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            Thanks for the ideas -- you would think us Hastings folks would get a good bar one of these days.

          2. Farmer Brown, 25 mason?? haven't been yet but sounds interesting.

            1. My favorite lunch spot in that area is Little Delhi on the corner of Mason/Cyril Magnin. No drinks, but it's rarely crowded and the Indian food is superb and the naan is the best I've had in the 'loin.

              I'll also second the Nordstrom suggestion. Reasonable prices, nice quiet vibe, drinks both alcoholic and non (Mighty Leaf tea), and a decent view of Market Street.