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Nov 22, 2007 02:50 PM

Epicure Imports website?

I'm trying to find the URL for Epicure Imports in NoHo so I can find out when their public sale dates are ... does anyone here know the URL?

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  1. It's a humdinger to find, but I eventually tracked it down under its pseudonym... Made in France or Village Imports. They have a location in Brisbane, CA, as well.

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    1. re: glutton

      Are you absolutely sure that Village Imports and Epicure Imports are the same? There's nothing on that site about a store in North Hollywood ...

      1. re: maxzook

        Well, I looked at it again and you are most definitely right. Here's what I know. The company goes by the names Epicure Imports, Village Imports, and Made in France Imports. That's how I ended up on this website, but it does not mention the location in North Hollywood. There are other listings for it, though, but not a company website that is conclusive.

        Made in France
        6900 Beck Ave
        North Hollywood, CA , 91605-6226
        Phone: 818-985-9800
        FAX: 818-985-1500

    2. I found an aold listing for an address at 10701 Van Owen St., North Hollywood 818-985-9800

        1. OK, here you go, the dates for the public sale are:
          12/14 1:30-6pm and 12/15 9:00-2pm
          Have fun and see you there!

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          1. Could you please explain who is Epicure Imports and what is the sale all about?

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            1. re: Outerspace

              This is a company that imports products from Europe including meats and cheese. My friend is a distributer and has done demos here. Great stuff! Bring a cooler.