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Epicure Imports website?

I'm trying to find the URL for Epicure Imports in NoHo so I can find out when their public sale dates are ... does anyone here know the URL?

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  1. It's a humdinger to find, but I eventually tracked it down under its pseudonym... Made in France or Village Imports. They have a location in Brisbane, CA, as well.


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      Are you absolutely sure that Village Imports and Epicure Imports are the same? There's nothing on that site about a store in North Hollywood ...

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        Well, I looked at it again and you are most definitely right. Here's what I know. The company goes by the names Epicure Imports, Village Imports, and Made in France Imports. That's how I ended up on this website, but it does not mention the location in North Hollywood. There are other listings for it, though, but not a company website that is conclusive.

        Made in France
        6900 Beck Ave
        North Hollywood, CA , 91605-6226
        Phone: 818-985-9800
        FAX: 818-985-1500

    2. I found an aold listing for an address at 10701 Van Owen St., North Hollywood 818-985-9800

        1. OK, here you go, the dates for the public sale are:
          12/14 1:30-6pm and 12/15 9:00-2pm
          Have fun and see you there!

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          1. Could you please explain who is Epicure Imports and what is the sale all about?

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              This is a company that imports products from Europe including meats and cheese. My friend is a distributer and has done demos here. Great stuff! Bring a cooler.

            2. Do you have an address for Epicure Imports? They used to be Made In France, Inc and had a warehouse and public shopping area open on weekdays (I think at the old Van Owen street address). Missing them so much since they changed ownership. Thank you!!!

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                This might be it but then again maybe not:

                6900 Beck Ave
                North Hollywood, CA , 91605-6226
                Phone: 818-985-9800

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                  That looks like it. Thanks Servorg! Here's another link as well about their last sale...http://triplecreme.blogspot.com/2007/...
                  So excited to find them again!!!

              2. burumun -- Thanks for posting on this, even just to stir up information. I knew nothing about this place or their occasional public sales.
                Yesterday, we had a TON of fun taking a TON of time walking the warehouse and purchasing a TON of items...all of which we couldn't do without!!!!

                This sale occurs a few times a year, and the owner and all of the wares associates were very friendly and helpful. Probably, we did not buy anything we could not live without, but they do carry many items that we normally would not have access to; in that frame of mind, we knew the imported items were pricy from the start, so just knowing that we were able to buy at any discount was exciting.

                The cheese room was amazing! Additionally, there were olive oils and vinegars and wines and chocolates and spices...we never felt the urgency to purchase the last item or to rush a decision as the shelves were well stocked for everyone. We wandered through for an overview, and then we retraced our path to get serious about our purchases...what fun!

                I thank everyone on this post for their information. This was a real 'Hound-ish activity!

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                  If you are not in the valley, there's no need to drive that far. You'll find many of Epicure's items at Owen's Market:


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                    yes, but they were selling at discount prices. It was quite fun and worthy of the trip. My cousin and some friends drove up from San Diego. We made a day out of it by also hitting Jitlada and LACMA and ending with some ramen in OC at Ebisu. Great fun for all!

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                      justagthing -- Hi! I KNOW what a fun day you had! We, too, really enjoyed ourselves!!!!

                    2. re: RicRios

                      Thanks, RicRios...we will check out Owen's Market!

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                      Wow, in all my confusion I forgot that it was this weekend! This place sounds so cool. I gotta go next time!!!

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                        Went to the sale Saturday 11am based on recs here. Well worth going! Lots of fun wandering the aisles deciding what to buy. So many delights, so little money... $40 foie gras, $60 can o' black truffles,,, Finally got out with some fine salami and chorizo, several top French cheeses, blood boudin, fine French jambon and real Serrano ham, Valrhona chocolate, a tin of duck fois gras, and a baguette for $105. Nice, helpful people- how often does a store owner shake your hand - twice - for shoppng there? And I noticed half the customers there were speaking fluent French - always a sign of overpriced but good eatin'. I will be back next mid-March when the next sale is. and I'll post here in advance if no one else does.

                      2. Yes! I thank everyone too for giving the information! What a loot I got yesterday :P
                        The cheese room was the best part!! I was having a really really really hard time deciding!
                        and the Valrhona chocolates were on sale, so I grabbed a bunch :>

                        1. Bummed I'm going to miss it. How many times a year do they open their doors to the public and is there a mailing of list of some sort for alerts?

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                            The owner said he is planning to have 4 sales next year. He had an yellow pad for us to add our email info. Of course we will diligently post the next sale here on chowhound, but fyi...he plans the weekend before Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas thus far. Maybe you can call and have them add you to their email list.

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                              I confirm this information, justagthing. We were told there would be more sales during the next year, and I will be interesting in seeing if the items are similar each sale.
                              We also added our email to the yellow pad list, and I will post any further info I receive as well.

                              1. re: liu

                                One of the employees subtly suggested that the email list may not prove to be the most reliable. Not sure why she said that. however, she said that the wine distributor (Accolade Brands) also has a mailing list and it is very reliable. And he includes information about the Epicure open-houses because that's when he sells wine.

                                The deals on wine, by the way, were probably better than anything else. While the cheese, foie gras, and charcturie was priced at a 15-30% discount, some of the wine was discounted even more.

                                By the way, the address on Beck Avenue was the correct one. I am guessing that the address on VanOwen is out-dated.

                                Thanks to Chowhound for steering me there...

                                1. re: glutton

                                  My girlfriend is in sales and Epicure is one of her clients. She will keep me informed of their sales, so I will diligently post when I receive the info. Merry Christmas to all!

                                  1. re: justagthing

                                    Thanks! I definitely want to go again.

                          2. I went to the warehouse sale on Saturday, and scored some good deals. BUT, be careful -- I spotted one or two expired items, and a few items that were close to expiration.

                            And the four bottles of Badoit Rouge I bought are flat. Not a happy camper...