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Help in the Bronx!

Can anyone tell me som good restaurants near the Bronx Zoo that are reasonable? I'm open to all kinds of food.....I am planning a night out and don't kno the area that well. Thanks!

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  1. You could try going over to Arthur Avenue for Italian - it's pretty close to the Zoo. Unfortunately, I can't help with names of specific places.

    1. There's a new spot off Arthur Ave. on Belmont called Antonio's Trattoria. Tried it recently and aside from their more elaborate Italian-American fare, their pizzas are terrific. They come in two sizes and are reasonably priced. Also, if you go during off hours, Mario's on Arthru Ave. makes delicious pizzas and calzones. They are not on the menu, you have to ask for them...I am keeping, as you requested, on a reasonable price point...

      1. Not sure if you're still looking. I live in Belmont and have been almost everywhere. For the best Italian, go to Antonio's Trattoria. For pizza, the best is Blue Moon. Don't even try Chinese in that area...ugh. Other places are mediocre, some overpriced, some feel like I'm eating at my old Italian landlord's house and are a bit creepy. Everyone swears by Mario's, but I was not impressed.

        1. The Belmont area, a few blocks down 187th from the Zoo, is by far your best bet in the area. Roberto's (on Crescent Ave.) is pricier than most but excellent (and extremely crowded, especially on the weekends). Roberto has also just opened a new place on Arthur Ave. called Trattoria Zero Otto Nove which specializes in Salerno-style dishes, including pizzas made in a wood-burning brick oven. We had one recently made with butternut squash (!), pancetta, and smoked mozarella that was incredibly good. The crust is thin and nicely charred, but not crisp (i.e., you can fold it for easy eating). There are more lower priced options at the trattoria (which is styled to look like a piazza in Salerno, Robreto's home town) - pizzas, calzones, etc. - than at the original restaurant, although entrees, etc. are priced about the same.

          BTW, I think the other poster meant "Full Moon" (on 187th and Arthur Ave.), not "Blue Moon". Good pizza in a standard ambience pizzeria.

          Other good Italian-American restaurants in the nabe include Emilia's, Pasquale's Rigoletto, and Enzo's; I'm not a fan of Mario's, though the pizzas there have some strong partisans. Other folks like Dominick's, which serves whatever they're making (no menu) family-style; it's loud and bustling, which is not my favorite kind of place, but it has its fans, too.

          Plenty of good cafes for coffee and pastry - our favorite is De Lillo's, on 187th just east of Arthur Ave.

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            I second Roberto's but I also like Mario's. Not a fan of Pasquale's.

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              zero otto nove is my new favorite restaurant!!!!! Went there on an Arthur Schwartz dine out night. Was apprenhensive when I reazied it was a pizzaeria. Everything on the menu was unbelievable. Went back with a group of 5 couple and everyone was very happy

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                Do you need a reservation there? Any idea of how long a wait for a table?

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                  I had lunch there for the first time this past week with some friends and the pizzas were outstanding.

            2. We go to and love Fratelli. It's on Eastchester just off Pelham Pkwy. They are open for lunch and it's great. The portions are huge so be prepared to take home. The chef, Eddie, is always trying new dishes along with the usual Italian fare. Almost as soon as you sit and order a drink, they bring a nice, fresh, simple salad and is so good. Check it out. We go on weekends for lunch, since there is no golf.

              1. Zero Otto Nove is our new favorite as well. Three adults had a wonderful lunch on the wa to the zoo. We shared three plates of baby lamb with peas, stripped bass, and seafood risotto. The children were quite pleased with their pizza magareta, and then helped the adults with the lamb too. The back dining room is beautiful. You'd never imagine that your in the Bronx!

                1. Went wondering around today after the zoo. Had a pit stop first at Edigios for a gelato then had a nice stroll. Really liked that indoor market then had some fabulous oysters right on the street in front of a seafood store next to Dominicks. Noticing all the strollers outside of Dominicks we crossed the street to Marios where we had the place to ourselves outside of a table or two of bluehairs. Interior was a mish mash of cool kitsch and frumpy tacky, food was much the same... we won't be back but were glad we went. Next trip will be for the shopping...

                  1. Has anyone been to the new Belmont Cafe? 690 E. 186th St. Middle of the block. Every time I pass by the menu makes my mouth water. Burgers and meatloaf, cobblers and cornbreads and great sides. I don't dare try it because I'm watching my weight but my oh my what they offer is appealing. I'd love to hear from anyone whose tried it.

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                      Oh, I mean the Belmont Cafe on 690 E 187, sorry