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Nov 22, 2007 01:50 PM

Help for St. Simon's Island, GA around holidays 12/07; we love seafood and local ingredients.

Hello all, I have read postings on St. Simon's Island. What would you add or correct for 12/07? We'll be there for a week around the holidays. What should we make sure that we try in terms of local ingredients or restaurants. Any other suggestions? Louisvillian originally from Baltimore, MD. Many thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. Best places where the chef/owner is always in the Kitchen are Christie's in downtown Brunswick & Delaneys on St Simons. Best local seafood is 45 min. north t Speeds Kitchen. Take 17 north to Darien & follow signs to Sapelo Hammock Golf Course, Speeds is on your right just before the golf course. they are only open thurs-sat & be prepared to wait if you order the suffed flounder, but it is worth it If you are feeling adventurous try Nick's fpr lunch, best fried chicken around veggies are pedestrian. It is on 17 north of Bruns. For an honest to goodness southern feast you can travel 45 mins to Jones' Kitchen in Jesup. Great veggies and around 5 meat choices for $7. It has been there forever. Go straight into Jesup avoiding bypass and it is on your right just north of the Cevy dealer.

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      Many thanks for the suggestions in the St. Simons area!

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        Sun-thurs Frederica House has a great fried shrimp special with crab stew & sides for $10. Not fancy but good fresh shrimp & decent stew for a good price.

    2. Try Coastal Kitchen. The Chef has pedigree from some of my favorites. Food 101 in Atlanta for one.

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        Jerm--Many thanks--we'll try Coastal Kitchen!

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          Just wondering ow your trip to SSI went?

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            Beteez et al, We're on St. Simon's now. We have tried Coastal Kitchen (lunch), and it's the best place that we've been too. Great shrimp and grits, very well seasoned crab cake (too little crab for me--but I am from Maryland). We enjoyed the location on the bayside of the island: water view. We'll try to get into Delaney's today (crowded before). We went over to Jeckyll and really enjoyed the relatively undeveloped island (only something like 65% can be developed as most of it is owned by the state). Since there were so few choices for dinner we ate at the Jeckyll Beach Club, a fascinating historic location to visit. Dining room is beautiful and the first courses (salad and crab cakes) were not bad, the mains were pretty bad (e.g., I am pretty sure that both the scalloped and mashed potatoes came from a box. Duck cremated.) Still it was a beautiful sunset view. Get the sunset special if you go for dinner; better yet, get a sandwich from the Beach Club's little ice cream/sandwich shop. They're really good . . . esp. enjoyed on the beath. More later. Thanks for all suggestions!