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Nov 22, 2007 01:43 PM

Alize Toronto Midtown

The brunch menu sounded atttractive but... unfriendly reception, slow service ... Brunch price outreageous. Never again.

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  1. That's too bad, but I had a completely different experience there a couple months ago. It was for dinner, not brunch. I was with a new friend in the area and we couldn't decide where to go. We ended up there by default. We had a lovely meal. Very nice, attentive service. Competent (not over-the-top, but that's not what they are selling), food (I believe we had a tortellini in cheese sauce and a nice salad). We enjoyed the neighbourhood restaurant feel. Not a destination place, but if I lived in the area, I could see myself stopping every now and then for a casual meal.

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      1. I was completely underwhelmed there at brunch once too. The service was ok, but the brunch was way too expensive, portions were too small and the taste was nothing special. I left hungry and unhappy.

        They might be better for dinner, but I won't go there for brunch.

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          Fully agree with you: even service was
          nbot friendky. There is lot of competition in the area and they might want to see what's going in in the district.

          1. awful service, unfriendly owners- would never go back
            too bad, it's a cute place

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            1. That's really too bad becasue I had a very good experience when I had Brunch there last Sunday (November 18). I was with a large party and found the service very attentive, the food very good & freshly prepared, nice decor but did find it a bit loud and noisy as the place was full.