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Nov 22, 2007 01:33 PM

Is there an organic food market in Thornhill (near Bayview & John) similar to "The Big Carrot Natural Food Market" on Danforth?

Is there an organic food market in Thornhill (near Bayview & John) similar to "The Big Carrot Natural Food Market" on Danforth?

The Big Carrot Natural Food Market

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  1. It's not exactly like The Big Carrot, but there is Ambrosia on Yonge off of Doncaster (which is just south east of Bayview and John).

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      Many thanks! I'll go and take a look.

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        No problem! It's on the south side of Doncaster, just a few blocks east of Yonge.

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          I'll second Ambrosia. They don't have a huge produce section, for example, but they have a lot of staples, frozen foods (plus teas, supplements, bulk food etc) that should meet your needs pretty well - especially since it's only a 5 min drive from Bayview and John.

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          chutchut, did you make it to Ambrosia?

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            Not yet. I might go this evening or tomorrow evening. When I go, I'd like to check up Kosher Food Warehouse a few doors next to Ambrosia. I found the info from

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              cool, I was just curious. I go often and think it's a great place for that area.

      2. General Nutrition Centre
        Health Food Store (905) 731-8623
        1 Promenade Circle Thornhill, ON L4J 4P8
        It is NOT in the shopping centre. It is located btwn Bathurst and Centre St., next to Cynthia Restaurant and the Vet Store. I would not call it a ''food market'' though there is an excellent selection of natural products. The choice of fresh organic produce is a bit limited but there is a good section of dry or frozen food. The owner and the staff are very helpful.

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          Every saturday morning, inside the Toronto Wardorf school, there is an 'organic flea market' that features about 30 growers/suppliers of organic products ranging from Venison meat, breads, produce etc...even organic coffee. Worth a visit.

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            Sounds good. I noticed that it's on this list as well. The organic flea market is actually called "The Village Market". It's now on my to-go list.

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              I visited the market at the Toronto Waldorf school once with high expectations because I had heard great things about it. I think it is a nice little (little being the operative word) market and if you went regularly you would benefit from it. As a destination, I'm not sure it's worth it, but if you are in the hood, definitely worthwhile.

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                I discovered it about 4 months ago and no don't shop anywhere else. I go mainly for produce. There is only one (large) produce stand operated by Mike. He's the farmer and you can get a lot of local stuff from him. Every week, there is something new and cool. This week he had local rapini, bok choy and the most amazing spinach. Other times, it's been local mushrooms, beets, etc. He's a blast to talk to - extremely knowledgeable and a really great guy.

                This market is a great alternative to the Brickworks and very similar, just smaller.

                I very highly recommend it!!

        2. There are many stores and outlets that call themselves 'Market' (i.e. Hasty Market). Now, should you want to know about public markets, that's something quite different. They often specialize in organic food. AppleTree is one of them (MidTown To) and that kind seems to be growing pretty fast. Now, should you live in the Northern part of TO (i.e. Thornhill, Markham, Richmond Hill) I would say you might want to go to Stouffville. Lots of farms for you to pick your own and have a fun day, even with your kids. Are the produce organic or not? Who knows? They are fresh and you choose what you like, at a very reasonable price. Bring your own carboard baskets.

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            Why go all the way to Stouffville? There's a farmer's market on Yonge near Clark, and they're opening one at Hillcrest mall. Not everything will be "organic", I'm sure, but I'll also sure there are a lot of people who do offer organic foods.

            1. re: KevinB

              Yes, but that farmer's market was not traditionally organic. They just started selling organic stuff, although I'm not sure whether it's "truly organic". The Village Market (google it) on Bathurst & Rutherford has an incredible selection of real, true, pure organic produce (local when available), meats, etc.

              Also recently opened is Planet Organic. There's one on Bayview, just south of Hwy 7 and on Bathurst just south of hwy 7. It's very similar to Ambrosia, but seems to be a little more polished, has a lot of prepared food, etc. Probably the most similar you'll find to The Big Carrot.

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                Would you please give us the name and address of that place (i.e. farmer's market on Yonge near Clark, and the one at Hillcrest mall) ? Thanks

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                  I noticed an organic supermarket on Bayview north of Steeles on the west side. It was pretty big, so it's hard to miss

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                    The one at Yonge and Clark shares the same plaza as the Octagon Steak House. The Hillcrest mall one is at the SW corner of Yonge and 16th Avenue, close to Goodyear tire.