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Nov 22, 2007 12:17 PM

Vegas pastrami crawl

Gonna look for decent pastrami. Tried Carnagie Deli and the other deli from LA in the treasure island. I'm from LA and My Favorite is Langers for Deli Style. and Dino's Burgers for Cheap thin sliced pastrami. Can anyone make any Suggestions of where to look. I'm willing to drive. Thanks.

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  1. i'm a 1/2 la 1/2 lv guy - live very close to the dino's in azusa ( just so i'm sure it's the same you are referring to - they have an amazing chicken plate very citrusy served over fries and the fries soak up the juices ? ) - never had there pastrami - been to carnegie ( mirage ) , stage ( caesar's forum shops ) and there's a hot dog stand near my condo - corner of decatur and flamingo...the name escapes me - you can't miss it - northwest corner shopping center - they have sabretts ( i apologize for the likely misspell ) which is a well-known dog from i believe new jersey, and they advertise LA-Style Pastrami ...not sure what that means...since of all these places...i have yet to try the pastrami !!! sorry, i like the stuff, just not an expert !!

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      yeah i Get the Pastrami & Chicken plate at dino's $9.95 for both. When you get a chance You Gotta try the Pastrami. The steak sand is good also. The only thing I don't care much for at dino's is the Burgers, Go Figure LOL I've seen a Schlotzkees Deli Sorry for the Misspell. are they any Good?

    2. There is a great deli called "The Bagel Cafe" located near Summerlin on the west side of town @ 301 N Buffalo Dr. (702) 255-3444.
      The pastrami is excellent but my ultimate favorite is their cabbage soup which is the soup of the day on Saturday & Sunday. What I usually order is a cup of soup (which would be considered bowl sized at any other restaurant) and a half of sandwich on a bagel (you get a whole bagel since sandwich size is based on weight of meat). I usually order the pastrami or rare roast beef. There are often large crowds on the weekend but it's worth the wait.

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        There isn't a Bagel Cafe Near Henderson is there? Would love to try that cabbage soup.

      2. I had some pretty decent pastrami at the Stage Deli in Caesar's.

        1. Ok I'm back. Went to peppermill and had nice decent thin sliced cheap style pastrami. I saw the little stand on decature LA Style pastrami. i'll be back friday till monday. Will try the place for Lunch.

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            around the corner from the stand is capriotti's - i've had many a turkey sandwich there ( they have anice one that has stuffing and cranberry...the bobbie - i skip the cranberry - xtrea mayo - very good ) and the cheesesteaks - they may have a pastrami sandwich there too...not sure - they make very good sandwiches !!!

          2. I agree with VegasEl. As a New Yorker I can vouch for the Bagel Cafe. Their pastrami is great and they have homemade rye that is excellent. Off of the Buffalo and the Summerlin Parkway