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Nov 22, 2007 10:33 AM

Izakaya style Japanese mid-town or chelsea?

Any recommendation on an Izakaya (japanese pub) style restaurant in these areas?


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  1. try Sake Bar Hagi in midtown (152 W. 49th between 6th and 7th aves). It's a little bit hard to find—look forthe sign, walk down the stairs and ignore the building next door that has the #152 on it. the pickles with miso, the fried sardine salad and $10 pitchers of beer are always great.

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      I think they also have spaghetti with ketchup for about $7, what a deal!!

    2. This place isn't quite an Izakaya but after reading Times review I've always wanted to go.

      1. There's Izakaya Ten on 23rd and 10th Ave. in Chelsea. Saki Bar Hagi is more of a pub, which is my preference, and Izakaya Ten is slightly more upscale. Riki sort of falls somewhere in between. It's on 45th and 3rd Ave. There's also Sakagura around the same area, which leads all the izakayas price-wise.

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