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Nov 22, 2007 10:33 AM

Cooking Turkey to 140 or 150 degrees
Judy Rodgers, of our favorite Zuni Roast Chicken, advocates cooking turkey to 150F before resting. (She cooks it to 140 herself, final resting temperature 157F). Also Rick Bayless suggests cooking turkey to 145 or 150F, in Rick Bayless's Mexican Kitchen p.280, and then allowing it to rest. Elsewhere I've read food is supposed to be safe after being held 10 minutes at 140F.

Anybody else with a good thermometer cook their turkey this way?

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  1. My bird is in the oven with a probe thermometer (inserted in the breast) set at 161 degrees per Alton Brown. I don't cook enough turkeys to know any better. While food may be safe at 140, is turkey actually cooked at 140? A little pink in pork is fine by my (preferred, actually), I want my poultry cooked through.

    1. I would be kind of nervous cooking it only to 150. We roasted a 25 pound bird (upside down), and put the thermometer in the leg towards the end. We took the bird out when that reached 180. It came out perfectly! Our butcher brother in law couldn't stop gushing over this turkey!