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Nov 22, 2007 10:16 AM

Xmas Cocktails with Co-workers (Calgary D/T)?

We have decided that our work group would like to go out for after-work drinks and perhaps some food in the Xmas season (mid December probably). We'd likely go mid-week, and we work at City Hall. Does anyone have any good suggestions for a nice place for drinks, good food, and can accommodate a group of +/- 10?

We have a couple of "food-savvy" people who are only too happy to spend $40 to $50 for a good meal, but a few others who consider nachos to be haute cuisine.

Suggestions are appreciated.

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  1. I would recommend Tribune on the Mall as I think it would meet all of your criteria.

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      1. re: pants

        Peeps. i honestly don't see how Tribune meets the criteria of people who consider nachos to be haute cuisine? The menu isnt accessible to all ranges, it's high end.
        It's a nice place for drinks. Check. Good food - well, we differ in that opinion, but check. And it can accomodate a group of 10. Check.

        Sadly with these events, you are usually targeting the lowest common denominator - in this case, im guessing it's the ones who have issues spending more than a plate of nachos on a meal (i have friends like this too!).

        For me, if you were targeting the high end folks, while Tribune is nice, Divino would be my spot of choice. Divino is a bit cheaper, and you have a better chance of getting out of there for less for the folks on the low end (flatbreads are a fairly inexpensive meal). If i was going with the lowest common denominator, i'd guess something like Milestones, or Metropolitan Grill would be the way to go. In no way do i think their food is great, but price point wise, these are better fits. And it's edible.

        The other option would be a hotel restaurant/pub - like Thompsons in the Hyatt. It's decent, a wide wide range of food, and it's a bit nicer than MIlestones.

        Anyway, i don't think there's any place that fits perfectly. But you'll have to decide which tradeoffs you want to make and pick a spot. Good luck!

        1. re: yen

          i didn't see the nacho part - i got excited about the 'food savy people'.

          isn't good for the lowest common denominator to experience better though?

          1. re: pants

            Lol. If only they looked at it that way. In my experience, it often stems from cheapness, or a very rigid view of the world. Forcing people into a situation they would be uncomfortable in at Christmas isnt the best idea imo. A lot about the holidays is about compromise, and this is just another one of those cases. For an environment for everyone to enjoy, targeting the lowest common denominator is the best chance at sucess. The high end foodies will still eat anywhere - they do need to eat after all! :)

    1. Hose & Hound just east of Fort Calgary after 9ave turns into 17th