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Nov 22, 2007 09:51 AM

Has anyone tried UmmbaGrill in Century City?

Hi all, and Happy Turkey Day!

Hubby and I are fans of Picanha churrascia (sp. totally wrong, I'm sure) in Burbank and were used to paying their $22/ea dinner tab.

Imagine our surprise recently to note that the dinner price (and on a weeknight, at that) has skyrocketed to $27.50 per person. Which is pretty high for hubby, esp., since he's not really a red meat person and digs the chicken stroganoff, black beans and whatever chicken is impaled on the sword.

That said, we discovered the UmmbaGrill at the Westside in Century City but haven't had time to try it.

Anyone have a review?


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  1. I love Picanha too! Don't go to Ummba. It is not even in the same league. The food is not even removely as good. In fact, it's pretty bad, in my mind. It *will* make the $27.50 sound reasonable, though, both for price and value.

    I don't know of a better churrascaria in the LA for the price than Picanha. My advice to you is to just pay the extra $5.50 and keep enjoying it. Consider it inflation. Seriously. I was at Fogo de Chao a few weeks ago and while their meats are very good as well, they are not noticeably better than Picanha's and the meal is about twice as much. Oh, and they don't have the black beans with sausage, the stroganoff, the soup, and all of the other hot buffet items that they have at Picanha. The do have a larger and better salad bar, but frankly the salad bar just gets in the way anyway -- I always end up filling up too much on salad.

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      Brasa Brasil in Culver City is excellent and only $22.95pp for dinner and $16.95 for lunch.

      1. re: soccerandlost

        Hi all,

        Thank you all SO MUCH for the tips! I will stay with Picanha and will try Brasa Brasil as well.

        We'll just have to go at lunch. :-) A bit cheaper, anyhow, and always great food.

        Hope you all have a great holiday season and thanks again!!

        1. re: shelleykelly

          No trouble at all. I'm going to try Brasa Brasil as well. I had heard about it but completely forgot about it. But I still wish I could find my way out to Burbank for Picanha more often!

      2. Don't go. I haven't been when it is not crowded. But usually - it's so crowded that the meat does not fully cook and has no flavor. I like lamb/beef on the rare side - but this is usually really tough and just plain uncooked. It's just not good, IMO. They have ok drinks and ok non-meat sides - that's about it.