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Nov 22, 2007 09:49 AM

Breakfast Tacos in Seattle?!?!?!?!

Does anyone know of anyplace in Seattle that has breakfast tacos? I woke up this morning with a severe craving for them, and have yet to see a breakfast taco on a menu or out of a taco truck anywhere in the Pacific NW!

Texans live of b'fast tacos, but for some reason, they don't seem to have migrated out of the state. I'd kill for a little Taqueria los Arcos (best breakfast tacos in Houston) this morning...

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  1. Pusherman, Nothing like that I am aware of in Seattle but you can get fresh, hot Chinese BBQ Ribs at Uwajimiya at 9:00 in the morning. Not a bad trade off.

    1. Nothing out of this world, but Blue Water Tacos, which have a number of locations downtown and on first hill, does decent breakfast tacos, burritos and tortas.

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        Dagoose, you got me all excited, but when I dropped by this weekend, no breakfast tacos, just the ordinary kind. I'll have to try Anthony's next...

        1. re: pusherman

          What? What does a b'fast taco have that I'm missing? Did you go in the am? I got them all the time with eggs, and what not...Maybe they changed in the last year? I went to the one on about third and marion or so....

          1. re: dagoose

            Blue Water tacos at 2nd and Madison has a big sign for them that I see every day.

            What exactly is it that you're looking for in your breakfast taco? I put scrambled eggs and salsa in tortillas all the time at home, and anyone can do that, so I'm assuming there's something else about a Texas breakfast taco that I don't know about, that is hard to do yourself if your having such a hard time fulfilling your craving?

      2. Anthony's does breakfast tacos, and Chinooks does breakfast burritos.

        1. No B'fast tacos BUT you can have a great Mexican Breakfast at Senor Moose in Ballard

          1. Don't know about tacos but you can get a pretty good breakfast burrito at Both Ways Cafe (Genesee Ave and S 51st St) and sort of a breakfast torta at Barriga Llena (Aurora Ave and NW 78th St).