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Breakfast Tacos in Seattle?!?!?!?!

Does anyone know of anyplace in Seattle that has breakfast tacos? I woke up this morning with a severe craving for them, and have yet to see a breakfast taco on a menu or out of a taco truck anywhere in the Pacific NW!

Texans live of b'fast tacos, but for some reason, they don't seem to have migrated out of the state. I'd kill for a little Taqueria los Arcos (best breakfast tacos in Houston) this morning...

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  1. Pusherman, Nothing like that I am aware of in Seattle but you can get fresh, hot Chinese BBQ Ribs at Uwajimiya at 9:00 in the morning. Not a bad trade off.

    1. Nothing out of this world, but Blue Water Tacos, which have a number of locations downtown and on first hill, does decent breakfast tacos, burritos and tortas.

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        Dagoose, you got me all excited, but when I dropped by this weekend, no breakfast tacos, just the ordinary kind. I'll have to try Anthony's next...

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          What? What does a b'fast taco have that I'm missing? Did you go in the am? I got them all the time with eggs, and what not...Maybe they changed in the last year? I went to the one on about third and marion or so....

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            Blue Water tacos at 2nd and Madison has a big sign for them that I see every day.

            What exactly is it that you're looking for in your breakfast taco? I put scrambled eggs and salsa in tortillas all the time at home, and anyone can do that, so I'm assuming there's something else about a Texas breakfast taco that I don't know about, that is hard to do yourself if your having such a hard time fulfilling your craving?

      2. Anthony's does breakfast tacos, and Chinooks does breakfast burritos.

        1. No B'fast tacos BUT you can have a great Mexican Breakfast at Senor Moose in Ballard

          1. Don't know about tacos but you can get a pretty good breakfast burrito at Both Ways Cafe (Genesee Ave and S 51st St) and sort of a breakfast torta at Barriga Llena (Aurora Ave and NW 78th St).

            1. The Mexican Grocery in Pike Place Market has breakfast taco's and the huevos and chorizo taco's are very good.

              1. Austin Cantina, a new Tex-Mex place in Ballard, recently started serving breakfast on weekends and they do breakfast tacos. You can choose from a list of ingredients. Doesn't look like they have the breakfast menu on their website yet though.

                I have to say, though, I prefer Senor Moose anyday!

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                  Starting next Wednesday Skillet, the mobile restaurant will have breakfast tacos on the menu.

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                    Awesome, thanks for alerting me to this -- one of their locations next week is right by where I work! I'll report back on how it is, but it looks great!

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                      Had some good, if highly untraditional and overpriced (well, it's Seattle!) tacos at Skillet on Wednesday. Thank god they came to SoDo, we're desparate for better places to eat.

                      All their breakfasts looked good, the tacos were tasty. A mess, definitely had to be eaten sitting down.

                      Went back at lunch and it was a mess, they ran out of everything and still had long lines.

                      BTW, Jammin- Have you been to Taqueria Muy Macho in South Park? No breakfast tacos, but the (ordinary) tacos are good and very similar to Austin-style, also very cheap.

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                        Thanks pusher, will give Muy Macho a try

                2. I'm with you, just moved here about a month ago from Austin, man could I use a good b taco. Let me know what you find

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