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Nov 22, 2007 08:05 AM

Moishe's Falafel Cart?

Anyone know if it's open today (or during this season in general)?

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  1. Moishe's Falafel Cart? What state city is such a cart? Is this a chain of carts or just one lone cart?

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    1. re: MartyB

      Just one cart, on the NE corner of 46th & 6th

    2. No idea about today, but it is open in winter.

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      1. re: zsero

        Moishe's falafel is absolutely tremendous. Best falafel hands down.

      2. This recipe was in the NYTImes a few years ago when they did a feature on Moishe's Falafel.

        * Exported from MasterCook *

        Moshe's Falafel

        Recipe By :New York Cookbook-Molly O'Neill
        Serving Size : 7 Preparation Time :0:00
        Categories : Appetizers Beans

        Amount Measure Ingredient -- Preparation Method
        -------- ------------ --------------------------------
        1 pound dried chick peas -- soaked overnight
        3 cloves garlic -- crushed
        1 large onion -- finely chopped
        1/3 cup fresh parsley -- chopped
        1 teaspoon ground coriander
        1 teaspoon ground cumin
        1 teaspoon salt
        1 teaspoon baking soda, disolved in 1/2 cup water
        vegetable oil for deep frying

        - To serve as a sandwich: Place 4 falafel balls in the pocket of one pita. Drizzle 2 tablespoons of the sesame sauce and 1 tablespoon hot sauce (to taste) over the falafel. Add some of the lettuce and tomato, a drizzle more of the two sauces, and top with a pickle. Continue assembling the remaining falafe
        To serve as hors d'oeuvre: Make a dipping sauce of 2 parts sesame sauce and 1 part hot sauce. Place a bowl of the sauce in the center of a platter lined with lettuce leaves. Fry and drain the falafel, skewer each with a toothpick, arrange around the dipping sauce and serve.

        In a food processor or blender, grind the soaked chick peas. Add the garlic, onion, parsley, coriander, cumin, salt, and baking soda mixture. Process until smooth. 2. In a large, wide pot, heat oil to a depth of 3 inches until very hot, but not smoking. With a 1 1/2-inch ice cream scoop, form the falafel mixture into balls the size of golf balls, using a flat knife or spatula to smooth out the scoop. Carefully slide the falafel into the oil. Continue shaping falafel and adding them to the oil, but do not crowd the pot. Cook the falafel until golden brown, about 3 minutes. Turn and continue to cook until golden brown all over, about 3 minutes more. Remove the falafel from the pot with a slotted spoon and drain on paper towels or paper bags. Keep warm while continuing to fry the falafel until all the mixture is used.
        - Sesame Sauce: 1 c. tahini paste 1 clove garlic, crushed juice of 1 lemon 1/4 c. cold water 1/4 tsp. salt dash of black pepper Combine all ingredients in a bowl and whisk until smooth. Refrigerate until ready to serve. Makes 1 1/2 cups
        - Hot Sauce 1 1/2 c. tomato sauce 1/2 tsp. dried red pepper flakes 1/4 tsp. salt dash of black pepper Combine all the ingredients in a non-reactive small saucepan and heat over low heat, stirring occasionally, until the mixture reduces slightly and thickly coats the back of a spoon, 30 minutes. Remove from the heat and allow the sauce to cool to room temperature. Serve. Makes 1 1/2 cups.

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        1. re: Goomba

          Thanks. Too bad it's 1000 calories. But baking them would not have the same effect.

            1. re: tomby

              Don't know if it's exactly 1000, but chick peas are fattening (albeit the good fat), and the oil is a killer. Most often the fried food absorbs the oil, and the calories and fat are way up there. Not to mention the bread and techina. Just wouldn't eat it everyday.

        2. I actually think that they are not as good as they used to be a few years ago. Am I imagining this? Does anyone else feel the same way? I can't put my finger on it but somehow I just remember it being tastier and juicier than the last couple of times I visited.

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          1. re: koshergirl

            just re-visited a couple of days ago. there was time this was the best in town. A. because the were fewer other options (like chickpea), B. they WERE better. gone a bit down hill. In fact, they didn't used to be the best at that intersection. there used to be a cart called Miriam's about 4 years ago that over matched Moshe's . that said. the felafel was decent. and it was large filling lunch.

            1. re: davidr1234

              I used to work around the corner from Moishe's a few years ago and would go there all the time. It was amazing. Recently I took some friends there and they didn't really know the difference, but I was disappointed - I'm going to stick with pick-a-pita.