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Nov 22, 2007 07:37 AM

Victor Hotel...Good sushi?

Considering having an evening out at Victor Hotel. Is the sushi there actually good...and is the music low enough to have a semi conversation? Or should we eat elsewhere and go to Victor for drinks and if so, any dining suggestions for restaurants nearby?

Mary T

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  1. I'd be leary about sushi at the Victor Hotel since it is not really a restaurant. With so many good restaurants within two blocks, I'd recommend going to dinner somewhere else before.

    Sushi Wabi for sushi, Follia for Italian or Otom for American.

    They are within a block or two of Victor Hotel.

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      Moto is right there as well. It's a very high end, very creative "molecular gastronomy" type place.

      A few blocks away (but within about 1/4 mile) are Red Light for pan-Asian and Marche, a French bistro type place

    2. Eat elsewhere. You will be within walking distance or the best restaurant row in Chicago. Sushi Wabi is one of the best places in the city for sushi and it's a short walk. All the places mentioned in the other replies are great. For a trendy night out before Victor with top notch food you can not go wrong with Sushi Wabi, Otom, Red Light or (two blocks further) Avec.