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New restaurant in Orange, CT - Ole Martini. Anyone been... can't find it, but want to go

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Like many of you, I'm constantly on the prowl for fantastic food - in out of the way places. Yesterday I received a reco from a third party on a new place in Orange (Milford?) for "Ole Martini". It was highly recommended, but I can't find it on Google, or this board. I assume it's new...

Anyone been or know about it? Would like to go and post review...

Thank you!

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  1. How about Ola Martini? It's at 350 Post Road, Orange. Haven't been, but found this.

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      Oh gawd... help me. that place is horrible. I didn't know it as "ola", just Martini's... and it truly sucks.

      Thanks for the heads up. Time to go and talk to the person that recommended it. :-)

    2. Just returned from a delicious dinner at Ola Martini tonight. The place was packed, but we had reservations. The guacamole is made right at the table! We shared a lobster quesidilla appetizer too. I had a delicious sugar-cane rubbed salmon dish with quinoa. And the Mango Mojito was first-rate! This is a must-try restaurant in our sleepy little town.

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        I went there last night. The food is really first rate. I had the mussels app the broth was great. The salmon dinner also very good. Nice atmosphere though the tables are a bit too close to each other

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          mmalmad.....this isn't a bar....is it? Thanks, Rich

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            the bar is downstairs, the restaurant has about 10 tables, and is on street level

      2. Ola Martini - What a find! Thanks to the recommendations on this board we went last night (a tuesday). The place was full. Based on how many people were there on tuesday, i would make reservations on the weekends. The 4 of us had a mix of frozen margaritas, Guacamole, empenadas, mussels and latin Chowder for starters. All good.

        For the entrees, two of us had the skirt steak (very good), one had the shrimp dish (good) and one had the salmon (also good). The dessert menu didn't look that interesting so we got the check. The bill was $190 for the 4 of us before the tip.

        Would defintetly go back. It's that good.

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          Just moved here and was hoping to find an ok quick meal. Ola Martini is in a stripmall on the Post Road in Orange CT. So glad I wandered in. Had an incredible mohito, and tapas meal. Because it was Saturday, live music (bossa nova). What an amazing place, I will back.

        2. FYI - Seems that restaurant has taken over entire bar, now occupying both floors. That myspace page is not accurate any longer. They don't have a website that accurately reflects how terrific this place is. This is a lick-the-plate kind of place. You can dine upstairs or down now. Down has beautiful fishtanks, no sign of the old bar. Called Ola now, no more mention of Martini.