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Nov 22, 2007 04:55 AM

New restaurant in Orange, CT - Ole Martini. Anyone been... can't find it, but want to go

Like many of you, I'm constantly on the prowl for fantastic food - in out of the way places. Yesterday I received a reco from a third party on a new place in Orange (Milford?) for "Ole Martini". It was highly recommended, but I can't find it on Google, or this board. I assume it's new...

Anyone been or know about it? Would like to go and post review...

Thank you!

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  1. How about Ola Martini? It's at 350 Post Road, Orange. Haven't been, but found this.

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      Oh gawd... help me. that place is horrible. I didn't know it as "ola", just Martini's... and it truly sucks.

      Thanks for the heads up. Time to go and talk to the person that recommended it. :-)

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          1. Just returned from a delicious dinner at Ola Martini tonight. The place was packed, but we had reservations. The guacamole is made right at the table! We shared a lobster quesidilla appetizer too. I had a delicious sugar-cane rubbed salmon dish with quinoa. And the Mango Mojito was first-rate! This is a must-try restaurant in our sleepy little town.

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              I went there last night. The food is really first rate. I had the mussels app the broth was great. The salmon dinner also very good. Nice atmosphere though the tables are a bit too close to each other

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                mmalmad.....this isn't a it? Thanks, Rich

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                  the bar is downstairs, the restaurant has about 10 tables, and is on street level