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Nov 22, 2007 02:51 AM

Ortolan, in Photos

I had heard some good things about Ortolan on Chowhound, so we decided to go a couple weeks back. Naturally, we chose the most elaborate menu option available, the Chef's Autumn Menu:

Amuse Bouche: Cauliflower and Pesto Soups
1: Macaron of Foie Gras Confit with Quince Gelée
2: Heirloom Tomato in Five Ways
3: Egg and Caviar Cooked in Hot Ash
4: Langoustine Ravioli
5: Roast Scallop with Ricotta Ravioli
6: Smoked Sea Bass with Turnip
7: Roast Venison Medallion with Chestnut
8: Cheese Plate
Pre-Dessert: Plum Sorbet
9: Panna Cotta
10: Chocolate / Opera

Overall, I thought Ortolan served me some of the most inspired French I've had in the city. It's deserving of its newly-awarded Michelin star in my opinion. With time, I could see two stars in Chef Émé's future.

On a side note, I actually went before the Michelin results were officially announced, but already the local news crew was there shooting a story about the restaurant's win. In fact, one of our servers was kind enough to spill the beans about the other winners early.

Full photos and details here:

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  1. Beautiful review, thank you! Ortolan is one of my favorites.

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    1. re: hrhboo

      I concur. I hope the star helps Ortolan draw the crowd it deserves.

      1. re: New Trial

        Ive never been to Ortolan and from this thread, I guess I better stop putting it off. Thanks everyone.


        1. re: New Trial

          Happy to report that the one star appears to have helped their business, restaurant was about 3/4 full over the course of the evening this past Saturday.

          Service though was weak, think they are still staffed to support to a smaller dinner crowd.

      2. Thanks for the nice pics. That one thing that you ask about says merci et a bientot.

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        1. re: choctastic

          One of the reasons I like Ortolan in how the various flavors complement each other on the plate. No sudden jarring or overly contrasting flavors. Reasons why I'm not keen on the Providence / Water Grill style of cooking.

        2. Great Review!
          We have always enjoyed Chris's food but the Ortolan Corkage policy is one of the reasons it's not on our regular radar.

          1. Great review, as always. One question. Was the restaurant really as empty as it looks in your photos? If so that is pretty alarming.

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            1. re: Servorg

              It was only about 1/3 filled when I was there on a Saturday evening. Very puzzling why they don't do more business.

              1. re: Servorg

                Most of those decor photos were taken at the end of the night, when we were the last ones in the restaurant. But even when we arrived, it wasn't full.

              2. Nice review. I enjoyed looking at your blog.