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Nov 22, 2007 01:24 AM

Mendoza Argentine Steakhouse in Berlin

I ate lunch at the Mendoza Argentine Steakhouse in Berlin on Buschkrugallee yesterday. I think it is in Neukoelln. I was on my way to a bookstore in Kreuzberg that has books in English. This restaurant is fairly small and on the ground floor of an old house converted to a restaurant and some other businesses. It s attractively decorated with very subdued color scheme. Handicapped access is fairly good for Berlin. There are only 2 steps up into the restaurant.

I ordered an empanada for an appetizer. It was large and filled with ground beef, some corn and some onions in a tomato-based sauce and served with a small salad (lettuce and tomato) and sour cream. The dough was particularly crispy, but the corn was a little hard. It would have been better without the corn and with less onions (I don't eat onions). Empanadas are better with chimichurri sauce than with sour cream. It was good, but I can make better at home if I can get the dough rounds.

I had a 200 gr entrecote with a corn ear for the main course. The steak was excellent although I had to send it back for more cooking. When it was served, it was what I call "the Klein Max Special". Klein Max is my big red housecat that I call a German farm tiger because he plays rough and he's temperamental; he prefers the raw kind, but will take anything he can steal. I had to ask for chimichurri sauce and when it was served, it had far too much onions in it and is not the kind with parsley, garlic, red pepper, olive oil and vinegar that I prefer. I had the waiter bring me Tabasco sauce and put that with the oil from the chimichurri sauce over my steak. Again, the corn ear was overcooked and the corn was hard, but the herbed butter was very good. I had some very good coffee with my meal and no dessert. The bill was around 18 Euros. The service was excellent.

Overall, it is a nice restaurant with reasonably good food at average prices for Berlin, but I didn't like it well enough to go back.

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  1. If you want good steak in Berlin, I find that Maredo hardly ever disappoints. It's a chain, yes, and has zero atmosphere, but the steaks are pretty awesome and not too expensive. For good steak frites, go to the Entrecote in Mitte.

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      Linguafood, you're right. I usually go to Maredo, but I wasn't anywhere near where I knew there was one, so I stopped at this restaurant. I wanted a good entrecote and the meat was good after it was cooked more to my style. I live in the boonies on the Polish border and NO grocery store or Fleischerei here has entrecote. Do you think Maredo on Unter den Linden will be open Christmas Day?

      1. re: RevImmigrant

        Hmm. Hard to say. Christmas Day is pretty much dead all over Germany, meaning everything's closed. Same on Boxing Day. We do love our holidays ;-)

        Why not check their website, I bet you could find out there.

      2. re: linguafood

        hi, i am going to Berlin in March. Could you recommend steakhouse near Alexanderplatz? Is Maredo somewhere not far?

        Do you know any other great steakhouse with nice atmosphere to relax and good steaks ?