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Nov 21, 2007 11:16 PM

Help: Am I threathening my own favourites??


I have at least three favourite combinations for roasted leg of lamb; 1) to stuff it with unsmoked bacon (or, even better, lardo) and sage, or, 2) stuffing it with garlic and anchovies, or 3) Stuffing it with flat-leaf parsley, garlic and a bit of lemon.

However: This weekend, I have been asked to do a “slow-roast”. In Norway, at least, this means that you put the roast in an oven, preheated to the desired core temperature (for the meat). Then, the meat is kept tender, and is almost impossible to overcook. The “exterior” of the roast is of course fried a bit in a pan before roasting it, to ensure crust (and closure, which prevents loss of juices).

I know this sound like a food security hazard, but the authorities here in Norway do recommend it, just as they (f.i.) still recommend the use of raw eggs.

Then, one question arises: Is any of these ingredients, such as the pancetta or the anchovies, unsuitable for this technique? Will it dry out, or become too dominant or something in between?

Just got a bit worried…

All help very much appreciated,

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  1. I did something similar with wing rib of beef last weekend. Wonderful. (20 hours at 55C)

    The problems as I see them will be that the bacon fat may not run - so you'll be left with barely cooked fatty bacon/pancetta/lardo, not pleasant.

    I'm not sure that at the temperatures the garlic will actually roast and go all sweet and gooey, I don't know but I don't see that the garlic would actually 'cook' although that being said it confit's at temperatures that are not a lot higher so it's probably me being paranoid.

    I'm not sure how you would seal the stuffing location either, or whether the juices would just run from that point.

    Whenever I have slow roasted I've let the meat speak for itself, or surround it with herbs etc and have added the flavours with the accompaniments.

    Not what you want to hear I know - it's just how I've done it - but then I don't like to mess about with my 'roasts' (that I'm having with gravy) - bbqing a leg of lamb fine, but that's not roast dinner.

    Oh, I've also not slow cooked leg of lamb, just shoulder... Maybe you should just ignore me, but do let us know how it goes!