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Nov 21, 2007 09:24 PM

Michigan Frozen Yogurt

Does anyone know of anywhere in Michigan (I am desperate here and willing to drive ;-) that sells anything close to Pinkberry (tangy frozen yogurt?)
I fell in love with it on a trip to NYC this summer and had it every single day that I was there. I NEED some ;-)

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  1. The midwest is definitely one of the last areas to jump on the Korean-style frozen yogurt bandwagon. (TCBY doesn't even come close. I don't bother with cloyingly-sweet soft serve anymore. Whenever these kinds of threads start, someone always suggests it though.)

    Depending on where you are in Michigan, a road trip might be worth your while.

    There are two Red Mango locations coming to the Chicago area (Naperville and Evanston, if I recall correctly - they're listed on Red Mango's website) and another Pinkberry knock-off is about to open right off of the Magnificent Mile on State St (I passed it this weekend...I can't remember the name and a Google search was fruitless). Starfruit on Damen (Bucktown/Wicker Park) is also supposed to open soon, according to Metromix. Apparently Pinkberry is supposed to be opening at least one Chicago location - this was reported in a Chicago newspaper and picked up by tons of blogs, but it's really only one source that asserts this and I don't know how reliable it is. (In other words - I'll believe it when I see it.)

    There's Yogokiss on the northside of Indianapolis, but it just closed down for the winter. It's not a chain and there's very little information out there on the internet about it. It has three flavors - Plain, Green Tea, and Chocolate - and all of the Pinkberry-type toppings (cereal, rice cakes, fruit).

    Ce Fiore's website lists a location in Louisville.

    Lollicup in Cincinnati may or may not have frozen yogurt - some locations do and some don't. They are mainly a bubble tea/smoothie type place.

    Someone on the DC board suggested Robek's - but their yogurt was very sweet (not even a hint of sour) and they thought I was crazy to ask for fruit as a topping, not a mix-in (turned out they were right to caution me - the fruit was frozen solid, not fresh).

    I haven't been to Michigan in ages, but if a yogurt place has popped up it would probably be in Ann Arbor or East Lansing.

    It shouldn't be work to find these places - people, websites are free and so easy to maintain! There's no excuse not to have one.

    Edited to add that some Lord and Taylor department stores serve frozen yogurt that may be sour. There are two Lord and Taylors in the Detroit area.

    And Rod's Diner in Ann Arbor is a Korean restaurant that has frozen yogurt. Whether the frozen yogurt is Pinkberyy-style or TCY-style, I'm not sure.

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      Hi Kate,

      Thanks for the great info. As soon as Pinkberry (or Red Mango) opens in Chicago, I totally plan on making the drive. I called Rod's diner in A2 today, but the serve Columbo frozen yogurt (kinda weird that a korean restaurant serves fro-yo, but not the korean type...go figure!). The search continues...

      1. re: SuperSam30

        Too funny....I called Rod's last night too, along with about a dozen other places in the midwest. It was an exercise in frustration! If I had any money at all, I would open a place myself...or at least purchase a cheap soft serve machine and try to replicate the recipe.

        I set up a blog to compile the places that do serve it, and I'll add to it as the trend catches on: