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Nov 21, 2007 08:29 PM

Where to find tons of Haychia Persimmons?

My SO is crazy about these astringent persimmons! Okay, she doesn't need tons, but 75+lb would be nice. We used to be able to get them from a tree in the south bay that the owners were only too happy to have someone remove the fruits for them. But this year they had to cut down the tree. We're not willing to pay $1+ each at Safeway. A friend in the business says that these fruit have very little commercial value...once they are ripe, they have to be tossed.... In an ethylene rich environment, they ripe fast, hence the sky rocketing price, HELP!!

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  1. It takes weeks for a haychia persimmon to ripen, so I'd wonder where the friend in the business is getting info.

    Anyway, if no one has a tip on someone with a tree they want to rid of persimmons, they were 75 cents a pound at the Richmond Flea Market last week. I like fuyu better so I bought those which were tasty. I'm sure if talked to the vendor .... or any vendor and told them the quantity you wanted, you could cut a better deal.

    I'll bet even a place like Monterey Market would get you a good deal for a volume buy.

    This place in Santa Rosa was selling persimmons for 99 cents a pound

    Don't know if they were free, but the house across the street from Vella Cheese in Sonoma had a huge persimmon tree with a sign that just said "persimmons".

    1. This has been a bumper-crop year for persimmons. Drive around looking for a tree. Ask the owners if they mind if you pick--having the tree stripped is better than rotting mounds on the ground and the dog eating them and then waking you up in the middle of the night to go out because too many persimmons... I should know. Meanwhile, all the farmers' markets have them in vast quantities. Ask if you can get a good price at the end of the day when they won't want to schlepp the ripe leftovers back to the farm. There must be some farmers' markets down in the South Bay where you are.

      And if you let them ripen fully, they're not astrigent but incredibly sweet.

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          Well, I live in Berkeley, which is pretty far from the South Bay. But the trees here are groaning. I must have gotten thirty off my small tree and there are still ten left for the critters. Periodically a raccoon crashes to the ground. That's how I trim the persimmon tree.

          Here were two listings on craigslist, one in los altos/campbell, the other a bargain $10 for thirty in Dubln/Pleasanton/Livermore:

      1. i'd check craigslist--often they're 8/$1 or so. Also, if you want to buy them by the case, the sf produce mart would have them. Farmers markets aren't bad either.

        1. To expand, go to craigslist and do a search for persimmons and you'll see lots of options.

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            Thanks, CL sounds like another great suggestion. I saw Fuyu's at MOM for about 20 cents a pound.. 8-10 piece bags for about a buck. Too bad these are not Haychias.

          2. Actually, if you're still looking, my friend has a full tree of it and we've been trying to think of what to do with them. Email me at and you can come pick up a tree load.