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Nov 21, 2007 08:27 PM

Gordon Ramsey at the London

Tell me what to expect -- am going tomorrow.

I am particularly interested to hear from people who have eaten there both before the new chef arrived and also when Neil Ferguson was still there. Has the restaurant gotten better since the new chef has taken over? Or was it always good, notwithstanding Bruni and Platt's tepid reviews?

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  1. Ate there about a month ago and found it fantastic. Do not have experience with the previous chef, but did eat at Claridge's earlier this year and aside from an amazing pork belly starter we had at Claridge's, the meal at the London beat it in every way (service was fantastic at both locations).

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      Update: Very mixed. Here is what I ate and thought.

      The bad:The canapes and the amuse were boring, and much less tasty than stuff I have had at even non-Michelin-approved restaurants, such as EMP. The fois gras was bad. The texture was not right at all. The scallops were very bland.

      The good: The halibut with american caviar was excellent. Ad the traditional turkey dinner with stuffing, etc. was also great. The desserts were good, and the bon bon trolley was nice -- though the petit fours at Del Posto are much, much better.

      I wonder if I try different dishes on the menu, whether I might have a better experience. I liked the setting, space and service. And I assume that Gordo would be capable of more. Plus, there were so many raving posts on this board. So, I am wiling to go again.

    2. We ate there in December 2006, a surprise location that my husband took me to since we watched Hell's Kitchen on TV. Food was very good. We got a tour of the kitchen after dinner which was interesting. A very nice dining experience.