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Nov 21, 2007 07:41 PM

Home Plate Burgers in Reseda for a Detroit Coney Island Dog

Has anyone been here?

this is a rare oddity, not to be confused with a Nathan's hot dog.

But a "coney island" hot dog from Detroit, MI. These are supposed to be big there, like a regional speciality, and Home Plate Burgers in Reseda supposedly "imports the natural casing hot dogs and chili" from Detroit.

Has anyone had any of these and also are these all beef dogs, how are they different from a Sabrett's dog or a Vienna Beef dog? And also hows the Detroit chili?

thanks. haven't tried it yet, just passed by numerous times.

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  1. Haven't been, but "Coney Island" is a generic term for small, three-bite hot dogs -- two or three to an order is typical, often with chili.

    If they're a regional specialty anywhere it would be New England, where "coney" is synonymous with "hot dog" esp. in Connecticut and Rhode Island.

    Ironically, as near as I can tell there's no relation to hot dogs from the real Coney island, the most famous of which (Nathan's) are longer and a bit meatier.

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      Coney Island hotdogs is a chain in Detroit, and maybe other places too. I used to have a friend from Dearborn and he talked about the Coney Island hotdog restaurants they had allover the place there. I think he spoke favorably about the food, but I really can't remember.

      1. re: Azizeh Barjesteh

        yep, that's kind of what i was talking about, detroit coney islands, it doesn't seem like there are many of those here in LA.

        1. re: Azizeh Barjesteh

          "Coney" is a generic term for chili dogs in Detroit. They're not small, and you'd have a serious tummy ache if you ate three! It's a very popular regional thing (my sister-in-law had Coneys for a midnight snack at her wedding reception, very cool.) Everyone has their favorite Coney place (Lafayette Coney Island and American Coney Island are two popular, supposedly feuding Coney places in Downtown Detroit.) There's no specific Detroit chili (like for example, Cincinnati chili.) At some restaurants the chili is disgusting, others it's delish. In general, it's chili with no beans. Here in LA, the closest I've found to a Coney is at Hamburger Habit in West LA. I don't know this place in Reseda.

          I would say Coneys are to Detroit what tacos are to here...everyone has there opinion on who has the best, and are convinced that no other city does them as well! (And the uninitiated aren't sure what the fuss is about.)

      2. Hey Kevin, I've been there. It used to be a pretty good BBQ place. I like the hot dogs, but they used to have the long ones, which were GREAT!! I can't give you any specifics about the casing because it's been awhile, but I would go back if in the area.

        1. Okay as someone actually from Detroit (25 years) let me set the record straight. Coney are not chili dogs. They are a hot dog with "coney sauce". Are they similar? Sure. But yi won't think you've had a chili dog after trying one. The "Coney Island"'s are ubiquitous in Detroit. The name is used to describe almost any Greek greasy spoon type restaurant. I think Coney's are fantastic. Yes they are a regional speciality and like many such speciality aren't really that complicated or even I suppose special. But I've lived in several states and haven't found their equal. So here's to hoping that this place in Reseda does it right. And yes Lafayette Coney Island in downtown Detroit is kind of the mecca for these but you'll get a decent one at Metro Airport too. So don't knock my coney and I won't say that NYC pizza is flat and flavorless. Oops.

          1. I'm from Detroit (now live in LA) and the Coney dogs are EXCELLENT. A local tradition. I personally favor the "loose burgers" with everything. It's loose ground beef, topped with chili and onions, mustard and ketchup. Or you can get the loose burger combo with a hot dog under the ground beef. Mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmm. I'm hungry just thinking about it!

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                Also, this is the location where Pam & Jim are eating toward the ending to last week's (4/10, "The Dinner Party") ep of THE OFFICE