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Food near Crater lake,

Anywhere around crater lake to eat? Any really cool restaurant in Portland(on the way)?

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  1. No. Crater Lake is closed in the winter. In summer there isn't any restaurants nearby that are worthy of any comment. Closest food would be K-Falls, Bend and Medford (Ashland). Plenty of comments on PDX within the board, just look.

    1. No there's nothing at all cool or worthwhile in Portland; don't waste your time there.

      1. SS, Crater Lake is at 9,000 ft in the middle of nowhere.
        It is open in the winter, but not the rim drive. The Prospect hotel is halfway between the Rogue Valley and CL; http://www.prospecthotel.com/
        add: looks they are closed for the winter too.
        otherwise I'd head back down to Medford/Ashland, assuming your coming/heading south on I 5.

        1. Actually, there is some good grub near Crater Lake. On the way down the mountain, towards Medford, you'll drive through Shady Cove. There's a great steak house called Carlotta's. There's a fun Italian restaurant right on the Rogue River there too, Baldis (sp? Bal-deez).

          1. thanks for the tips
            I guess we don't have too many options, Italien sounds nice.

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              There are a ton of places in the Rogue Valley.

            2. What route do you expect to take, and what time of the year? I assume you are coming from the Seattle area.

              There are plenty of threads about the Portland area. The Medford area also gets a lot of discussion, since San Francisco chowhounds need a place to refuel on their way to Portland :) There are occasional Eugene and Bend threads, and even a few Klamath Falls mentions. Other than a resort lodge, those towns are your best bet.

              If traveling in the winter, the north entrance to the park is closed. In the summer, the resort at Diamond Lake near the north entrance might be as good as anything in the park itself. Other than that, Pilot truckstop in Chemult may be your closest eatery :)


              1. Klamath Falls is the gateway to Crater Lake and has a couple of great places to eat. A new chef from Louisville KY has moved there and is stirring things up. Check out Bel Tramonto for REAL Italian food - no microwaves on the property!!!! Great wines, excellent service, the real deal. Just talked to a couple from SF who said it's better than anything in the Bay Area. He also just opened up a new pan-asian/sushi restaurant downtown that is rockin!!! Think Asian tappas - great place! His models are very different for a small cow town, but amazing!!!

                1. Jose's Mexican Restaurant, 2651 Mill Creek Drive, (Rte 62), Prospect, Oregon was a terrific find on our drive from Crater Lake. The enthusiastic owners cook everything from scratch and make their own tortillas as well.
                  We were surprised and delighted because the roadside place, with attached but separate bar doesn't look promising.
                  Try it. You will like it!

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                    I remember Prospect from a trip through the area a couple of years ago. We ate a picnic lunch near there, and then hiked to view a couple of waterfalls (Mill Ck and Barr Ck)


                  2. This is a great cafe to stop at on your way up to Crater Lake or on your way out. It is just a half hour south and a hour north of Medford. Great home cooked food and desserts.

                    Prospect Cafe & Trophy Room
                    311 Mill Creek Dr, Prospect, OR 97536

                    1. any updates on food near Crater Lake - coming up from SF Bay Area, driving. Any type of food, nothing over $10 a dish, on a budget.

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                        Not to my knowledge. Still Becky's in Union Creek and the Prospect Innup 62.Nothing up Dead Indian(the Ashland Route)-Pinehurst Inn on 66 is open and rockin'.

                        You should stop in Ashland and pick up provisions.
                        Are you camping or staying at the lodge? Or?

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                          We're camping, I think we'll only have 1-2 cheap meals too. Friend said to look into places in Klamath Falls, Oregon, but I do have some say if there's good eats elsewhere.

                          Becky's sound good to me, what's good there?

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                          It's hard to eat for under $10pp and not eat at major chains (Taco Bell, etc.) in much of the Rogue Valley. A couple of places come to mind:

                          * Milagro's: new Mex/Southwest Chipotle-almost clone, in Ashland near Market of Choice. Almost a clone of Chipotle--same menu, same style, organic veg and hormone-free meat. $8 per burrito, etc. Chips extra.

                          * Agave, downtown Ashland. More Mex/Southwestern, individual items well under $5, you could probably eat there under $10pp and drink water (which is very good in Ashland). I'd go there before Milagro's, for tastiness, but the portions per dollar will be smaller.

                          * The fried chicken at Food 4 Less in Medford is surprisingly good, according to Herself who is knowledgeable about such things. (No, really. Stop laughing and go try it!) Also a good place to stock up on cheap supplies.

                          * Martolli's Pizza, also in downtown Ashland, is excellent, and likely meets your $10pp limit (split a pie or get a couple of slices).

                          * Louie's, also downtown Ashland, has decent burgers and general bar food.

                          * Ruby's, on Pioneer in Ashland, has pretty good breakfast options that should be under $10pp. Morning Glory is better, but more like $12pp; but huge portions.

                        3. If you're cutting over off of I-5 from Roseburg, there is Steamboat Inn on the Umpqua River. Beautiful location and great food. You'll have to make reservations for dinner but I think they serve lunch as well.

                          Geez- just noticed that the OP is over 5 years old!! Well - hopefully it helps someone with more current travel plans.

                          1. Jo's Motel has an awesome organic deli and grocery store and they are really close to the south entrance to Crater Lake. They were open last winter so they might be a good year-round option. They make sandwiches and burgers and stuff, but also have lots of snacks. Oh! And beer and wine! Their rooms are suites will full kitchens if you're looking for a place to stay. It's in Fort Klamath right across from the old general store that's been closed for a while.

                            1. There are excellent burgers at the cafe at the junction of 138 and 97 on the east approach to the park. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/6392...

                              1. No, there are no cool restaurants in Portland.