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Nov 21, 2007 07:41 PM

Food near Crater lake,

Anywhere around crater lake to eat? Any really cool restaurant in Portland(on the way)?

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  1. No. Crater Lake is closed in the winter. In summer there isn't any restaurants nearby that are worthy of any comment. Closest food would be K-Falls, Bend and Medford (Ashland). Plenty of comments on PDX within the board, just look.

    1. No there's nothing at all cool or worthwhile in Portland; don't waste your time there.

      1. SS, Crater Lake is at 9,000 ft in the middle of nowhere.
        It is open in the winter, but not the rim drive. The Prospect hotel is halfway between the Rogue Valley and CL;
        add: looks they are closed for the winter too.
        otherwise I'd head back down to Medford/Ashland, assuming your coming/heading south on I 5.

        1. Actually, there is some good grub near Crater Lake. On the way down the mountain, towards Medford, you'll drive through Shady Cove. There's a great steak house called Carlotta's. There's a fun Italian restaurant right on the Rogue River there too, Baldis (sp? Bal-deez).

          1. thanks for the tips
            I guess we don't have too many options, Italien sounds nice.

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              There are a ton of places in the Rogue Valley.