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Downtown source for salt cod?

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Seeking: source of good quality salt cod, anywhere south of Bloor.

I'm sure there are lots of places in Little Italy/Little Portugal that stock it, but I'd be grateful if anyone has specific recommendations - it's getting too cold to meander until I happen to find it! (Note: I'm not limiting myself to this area, I just figure that that's the most likely place to start.)


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  1. I get mine from Sobey's in 1lb wood boxes. Any large mart with a fish counter such as Loblaws should have Nova Scotia salt cod.

    1. All the fish places in Kensington have it.

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        I also saw some nice fat pieces at St Andrews Chicken. Can't vouch for quality but it looked good and is bound to be cheap there.

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          Kensington would have it for certain... West Indian's also use a lot of salt cod ..so have a look around in the Market. Acki and saltfish( Cod) is a particularly popular dish to several of the Islands.

      2. Fortino's (Lawrence Square)

        1. The vegetable store on College, NW corner of Beatrice, one block W of Grace.

          1. I buy my salt cod at Newport Fish, Dufferin and Dupont

            1. All Kensington fish shops and St. Lawrence Market.

              Sobey's carries it and it's increasingly common to find small bags of it at Loblaws.