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Nov 21, 2007 07:18 PM

Downtown source for salt cod?

Seeking: source of good quality salt cod, anywhere south of Bloor.

I'm sure there are lots of places in Little Italy/Little Portugal that stock it, but I'd be grateful if anyone has specific recommendations - it's getting too cold to meander until I happen to find it! (Note: I'm not limiting myself to this area, I just figure that that's the most likely place to start.)


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  1. I get mine from Sobey's in 1lb wood boxes. Any large mart with a fish counter such as Loblaws should have Nova Scotia salt cod.

    1. All the fish places in Kensington have it.

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      1. re: crawfish

        I also saw some nice fat pieces at St Andrews Chicken. Can't vouch for quality but it looked good and is bound to be cheap there.

        1. re: Mila

          Kensington would have it for certain... West Indian's also use a lot of salt cod have a look around in the Market. Acki and saltfish( Cod) is a particularly popular dish to several of the Islands.

      2. Fortino's (Lawrence Square)

        1. The vegetable store on College, NW corner of Beatrice, one block W of Grace.

          1. I buy my salt cod at Newport Fish, Dufferin and Dupont