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Nov 21, 2007 05:57 PM

Cheap Eats in OC

I love to dine out. But let's face it, most of us don't have the luxury of spending a Thursday night out at Ortolan or Mastros. Like many of you on a budget, I have embraced ethnic restaurants. Who amongst us has not gone fine dining, been completely disappointed and wished out loud they had just went to that great Thai or Mexican place?
So I'm looking for your fav's in OC on a budget. They can be of any cuisine - just a little easy on the pocket. Love those lists from the hardcore foodies.

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  1. Thai Nakorn. Quit reading and GO already. :)

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    1. For sit down /w wait staff.
      Haveli Indian in Tustin - Great Buffet for $8.95
      Fuji Yama in Newport Beach Excellent sushi for the price.

      For take out.
      Zon Baguettes in Tustin-The best Bahn Mi outside of Little Saigon. Get full for $2.95
      El Toro Bravo in Costa Mesa- If you don't mind the line, the tastiest tacos (carnitas, goat, belly, carne asada, tongue and chicken) I have had in OC.

      1. Anita's is an excellent burger shack on Warner in Fountain Valley. A combination of bacon cheeseburgers and either chili cheese fries or o-rings for the 10 years I lived in the area are still part of my girth today.

        1. Mexican...

          For great inexpensive and really authentic Mexican food it's Taqueria Garcia in Anaheim. Hole in the wall ambience, but who cares. It's about serving up some of the most authentic Mexican food this side of Mexico! So don't expect sour cream or shredded American cheeses. It's authentic crema and queso fresca here. Their salsas, red and green, are made from pan roasted chilis. I totally agree with the following reviews, click on link below. Again, this is the real deal in authentic Mexican food. Location available on review site.


          Everybody raves about Thai Nakorn, and yes I agree they do have great Thai food. But we now exclusively satisfy our cravings for Thai at Dee Dee Thai Lao restaurant. I was stationed in Thailand twice while serving in the Air Force...I know auththentic Thai food when I taste it. And an extra bonus the cooks here also serve up some great traditional Lao dishes as well. You can't get Som Tom at every Thai restaurant, at Dee Dee Thai Lao you can get both the Thai version as well as the Lao version. The little strip mall it's located in isn't much to talk about but once inside you'll forget about it. You'll be treated very nice by Pwee and Toon and enjoy a nice abience and really great food. See their web site below for location and menu.

          Breakfast & Lunch...

          Country Family Cafe. Great throw back to the old fashioned neighborhood coffee shop/diner. Open for breakfast and lunch only. Owner and cook Javier and long time waiters and employees will treat you like family. Great American homestyle breakfasts and lunch items as well as some pretty darn good Mexican breakfasts as well. Best 'grilled' burgers around. Highly recommend the California burger for lunch. Toasted bun, avocado, bacon, swiss cheese (on order), fresh lettuce & tomato. Saturday and Sunday for one price, all you can eat Menudo with all the 'trimmings'. And you can't beat the prices. You can read my review (crt) on CFC as well at City Search link below. Address and phone number there also.