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Nov 21, 2007 05:34 PM

Looking for Chinatown

Hey hey...

Does anyone know of a good Asian marketplace around the DFW area? I live closer to Fort Worth. It can be Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese... whatever. I'm looking to shop for all the fun stuff and goodies that Asian markets have.

Also, are there any decent Chinese restaurants around either? It doesn't have to be authentic... but better than all the buffets I see around at least. I love lo mein and bok choy.


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  1. Most of Southeast Arlington is Vietnamese...there are hundreds of Markets, Restaurants, etc.

    Decent Chinese is difficult to find....if you find a good one let me know...Most are buffets.

    1. There's a First Chinese B.B.Q. in Arlington. 2214 S Collins St

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        Oh, I'm sorry, I misunderstood....I though we wanted "decent"

        1. re: BygTex

          Is it not decent? To be honest I've never been there, but it's been recommended highly by people whose opinions I respect.

      2. I have been to First Chinese BBQ many times. If you do a search on former posts about it, you'll see many people love it. I highly recommend First Chinese to anyone.