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Nov 21, 2007 05:10 PM

Chowda & Lobster Rolls

Where in the Boston area can you get the best Choda and Lobster rolls?

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  1. So I was at Neptune Oyster tonight--and while I didn't get the Lobster Roll, the entire table next to us proclaimed it the best one they had ever had.

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      Went there last year specifically for the hot lobster roll (as opposed to mayo). Very good, but was disappointed that it was only claw meat. Or do they only use claw meat in lobster rolls? Beside that, very small roll, not brioche as claimed.
      While it was good, way too small for the price. Would not return.

    2. I think the clam chowder at Neptune is fairly amazing, the trick being that they use a clam stock for more concentrated clam flavor. I'm also fond of the chowder at Green Street, which is basically a corn chowder with fried clams added to it, so it's got the flavors of corn chowder, clam chowder, and fried clams in one go. Both versions don't appear to use any starch thickening, just clear broth lightened with a little whole milk or cream. (The gloppy stuff that gets served at most places really bums me out.)

      I'm not getting really excited about lobster rolls these days: maybe it's the reliance on claw meat, which is on the grainy side, and knuckle meat, which some people love but I would only use in stock or maybe as a garnish.

      B&G does a very tasty one (with a side of outstanding slaw), but $25 seems a bit much for something the size of Pepperidge Farm hot dog bun (which is what they use, a choice I approve of). Neptune's use of a brioche bun ruins it for me: that over-charred, overly-sweet roll clobbers the lobster flavor, to my tastebuds. I've had both versions (CT style, hot with butter, and Eastern New England style, cold with mayo), and this problem affects both. Size-wise, it's a far better value than B&G's. Both B&G and Neptune have the plus of being able to order a a bunch of terrific whites by the glass that are well-matched to seafood.

      My favorite lobster roll of the moment is from Belle Isle Seafood in Eastie, which delivers a great value ($17, overflowing a bigger, fresh-grilled frankfurter bun) and outstanding onion rings. Those people are Fryolator masters, and I'm certain it helps that they batter their fried stuff to order. Mostly takeout (they have maybe nine counter seats), and a good place to get fresh retail seafood, too. There are worse places to eat a lobster roll than standing on the Winthrop Bridge.

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      1. The lobster roll at Kelly's Rost Beef is huge and delicious- a great value. Also the one at Kingfish hall has gotten alot of compliments.

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        1. re: emilief

          Kelly's chowder - of the traditional milky rather than thick-goopy type - is also excellent.

          1. re: State St.

            Choda was just a misspelling for chowda, which is how we Bostonians and New Englanders pronounce clam chowder (or any other chowda), it's kind of a "Kennedy" thing, some might remember an old skit from Saturday Night Live, "...good chowda Bobby".