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Nov 21, 2007 05:06 PM

Music in the kitchen?

I have to be honest. This is not something that I've thought much about, until recently. A friend of mine and I were having a pint, and talking about music in the kitchen and at dinner parties. I hate music at dinner parties; a good dinner party is its own music. But in the kitchen, I have always had CBC Radio 1 (news and talk) on. At 6:00pm it's The World at Six, and at 6:30, As It Happens, a global news interview show, which opens with Moe Koffman's "Curried Soul". I always associate "Curried Soul" with dinner prep. About six moths ago, I got into the habit of playing Franz Ferdinand while I cook. It is *the* best for doing prep. That, or K'naan (and I generally dislike rap). Perhaps because the first cut on K'naan's CD (Dusty Foot Philosophy) is about water.

What are the rest of you listening to, and what's your age (I'm 43)?

Title: Dusty Foot Philosopher. And, excellent stuff. Musically very sophisticated. When was the last time that you heard a rapper accompanied by an oud?

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  1. Man - anything from the Grateful Dead (80's) to Belle and Sebastian to Italian Opera....depends on the meal/company - (37yo)

    1. I'm 35 and in NYC. Since my kitchen and living room are essentially one space, I usually have the TV on in the background. Whatever channel is on it doesn't make a difference. Sometimes it's the news, sometimes it's a movie. I just need the noise.

      BTW did you know the lead singer of Franz Ferdinand used to be a chef?

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        I didn't know that he was a chef, but I know that during their NA tour, that he was writing a food blog and a column for a UK mag. A friend of mine forwarded me a couple of samples of his writing, and it was pretty good.

      2. I love cooking to music. Usually I like to listen to upbeat danceable stuff; but if I'm cooking making Dominican food, I will play salsa and merengue.
        Lately though, I've really been digging The Fratelli's Costello Music.
        I do agree that dinner parties don't always need music. Sometimes it gets in the way of good conversation.
        I'm 31...

        1. Just to add something further to the K'naan reference... He was born in Somalia, but is now a Canadian. By complete accident, the second or third time I listened to his CD, I was making (without staging the event) a Somali crab stew. Great night.

          1. funny, i just had this discussion with a friend a few days ago.

            i'm a music fiend with ridiculously eclectic & wide-ranging tastes - from classical to ska, classic rock to old-school hip-hop, and almost everything in between [just no country. PLEASE, no country. oh, and i could do without bubble gum pop as well.]

            i always listen to music when cooking and baking, but for some reason i stick to specific genres when i'm in the kitchen...jazz, blues, soul or r&b...and occasionally reggae if i'm in a really beachy summer mood.

            oh, and i'm 35.