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Nov 21, 2007 04:32 PM

Inn at Easton, sad news

The Inn is on the market. Who knows when it will officially change hands, but would suggest dining there before Chef and owner Andrew Evans is gone. I'm going for the first time next month and am releived to know I'll have had the pleasure of tasting his creations at least once.

I understand that he's planning to stay in town and open a Thai restaurant. I'm sure it will be extraordinary, but obviously a real departure.

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  1. This is enormously disappointing: if the Inn at Easton was on K street it would be one of this city's best restaurants. His Thai bouillibase is one of the best seafood stews I have ever had anywhere. Easton is also a growing area with several very good restaurants that alone provide reason to cross the Bay Bridge for the evening.

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      Robert Morris Inn in Oxford is for sale and will not reopen in spring except maybe the bedrooms: