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Nov 21, 2007 03:37 PM

Recs for steaks in Northside Richmond, VA???

Our son will be in the playoffs between University of Richmond and Eastern Kentucky this Saturday. My wife and I are traveling to the game from Tampa, but we're only a little familiar with Richmond's Northside. We would like to take our son to dinner Friday evening, preferrably to a great steakhouse or Italian restaurant (his favorites).

We would appreciate any recommendations for great steakhouses or Italian restaurants on Richmond's Northside. Price is not much of an object - we are looking for a great experience. After all, we don't get to see him for Thanksgiving due to the playoffs. That's really a great problem to have, but we would like to have a really memorable dinner with him Friday evening.

Thanks very much for any recommendations!

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  1. Hill City Chop House at the Virginia Commons Mall
    on Route 1 (Brook Road) in the Glen Allen area.

    This is not a great steakhouse like the finer steakhouses of NY or Chicago, it's more of a casual restaurant but the steaks are top notch, their beef is on a par with places where I have paid twice the price. If you can't get a rec for a four or five star steakhouse, then try this place.

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      Why are you limiting yourself to the northside may I ask? A couple of chains and a couple of local places I'd recommend, none of which on are on the Northside which is a bit of a restaurant wasteland here:

      Old Original Bookbinders, Tobacco Row

      Morton's, Shockoe Slip

      Buckhead's, West End

      Cabo's, the Fan (not necessarily known as a steak place but I did have a memorable filet mignon there once).