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Nov 21, 2007 03:11 PM

Oahu - what are your favorite NON-ASIAN joints?

hey all -- i've pretty much eaten thai, korean, japanese, chinese or vietnamese for 3 weeks straight. i love it all, however, last night my roommate and i decided to get a non-asian dinner --> was thinking something relatively inexpensive and not a huge time investment. IT WASN'T EASY TO DO!!!! wound up at that greek/mediterranean place on university (which leaves a lot to be desired). just off hand, couldn't really think of that many trustworthy places (keep in mind i haven't been in town long): kua aina burger at ward, bc burrito in kaimuki, ????????

as far as higher price range, i can think of places i havent tried yet like du vin (downtown), indigo, town....

so, what are your favorite non-asian restaurants in town? need to make myself a list...and i'm willing to travel the island a bit (from punchbowl/makiki area).


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  1. Big City Diner, Kakaako Kitchen, Likelike Drive In, Ono's, etc. for starters.If you like places like Patty's, L&Ls, Zippy's, Chilis, etc. These are inexpensive non-Asian places?

    1. Olive Tree Cafe near Kahala Mall, Ono Hawaiian Foods on Kapahulu, Kenny's Diner in Kalihi, Andy's (sandwiches and smoothies) in Manoa, Casablanca in Kailua (Moroccan food...if it's still open), although it's more for a nice dinner than just a bite to eat. I Love Country Cafe has plate lunches that are less local style, if that's not your thing. Any local drive in will have something like chili or a hamburger among other options. And there's always Zippy's.

      1. second on Big City Diner - and most of the rest, Azteca in Kaimuki (mexican), La PizzaRina on S. King by Keeamoku, Rainbow Drive In

        1. I had a surprisingly good lunch at Dixie Grill just Ewa from Ward Center. Being from New Orleans, and born & raised on the MS Gulf Coast, I did not hold out much hope, but we were there, and waiting for something at Ward - cannot recall what. Saw Dixie Grill and basically said, "what the hey." Really good Gulf-styled seafood, mostly fried, but well-done. It had the feel of a small-chain place, but pulled off lunch very well. So well, that I'd go back, and we usually have lunch and dinner reservations four months out, when on O`ahu. Definitely something different, non-Asian and not too expensive.

          I see that they have at least one other location too.


          Dixie Grill
          404 Ward Ave, Honolulu, HI

          Dixie Grill
          99 016 Kamehameha Hwy, D Aiea, HI

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            Dixie Grill on Ward has been turned into a mediocre place called Tio's Taco Truck owned by the same person. The only Dixie now is in Aiea, I used to really like the Ward location especially when I lived in town.

            1. re: manomin

              Bummer! It surprised me, but I guess that it did not get the traffic necessary. I was reluctant to go there, as I see so much imitation-Deep South fare, but it was really pretty good. Oh well, guess I'll have to trek to Aiea.


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                Ahhh, that explains it. Yesterday, after reading Bill's post, I decided to give it a try, but I could not find it!

            2. Town (3435 Wai‘alae Ave at 9th Ave, 735-5900: I could eat here every day. Neo-Med, contemporary American, and a lot of the produce is from Ma‘o Farms in Wai‘anae, if you're into being a locavore.

              12th Avenue Grill (1145C 12th Ave. 732-9469): Contemporary American bistro. Double-cut pork chop with housemade apple chutney. Mmm.

              Grand Cafe and Bakery (31 N. Pauahi St. 531-0001): American comfort food with a contemporary twist.

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                these are all good, but are not inexpensive