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Nov 21, 2007 02:25 PM

Belgian Waffle Batter question...

Hi Folks,

Happy Turkey Eve to you all.

Quick question: I am making a big breakfast for the clients I work with (I run an adolescent crisis shelter) tomorrow morning that will include Belgian waffles. I am making the waffle batter from scratch. However, to save time, I would like to make it tonight. My question, if you haven't already guessed, is whether I can indeed make it a night ahead and use in the waffle irons tomorrow. If so, any tips for storing or prepping in the morning?



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  1. You can (and should) start the batter tonight if you are making a yeast raised batter. I start a sponge at night and let it work in a over-sized bowl (it's a mess if it overflows),
    and then add the eggs and other ingredients before you serve.

    If you are using a batter that is primarily leavened by baking soda/powder, it should be made no more than 2 hours before you intend to serve.

      1. If you're not making a yeast batter and are using baking powder/soda -- if you want to save time you can mix the dry ingredients tonight and leave them in a bowl covered on the counter and mix the wet ingredients separately and refrigerate them. Then, in the morning, you combine them and it's ready by the time the irons are hot!

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          Obviously if your recipe calls for separated eggs, with the egg whites, beaten to achieve lift and lightness,,,then do so right before you make the waffles...they will deflate if used the night before...the dry ingredients can always be pre mixed...but do try the yeast version mentioned above if you can, they are very good!