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May 30, 2006 06:29 PM

Ad Hoc in Yountville

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Has anyone heard any more buzz about Keller's new venture, Ad Hoc, in Yountville? I read the blurb on last week--anyone know anything else?

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  1. Last weekend, after dinner at TFL, I asked Corey Lee about it, and he said that it will be a temp restaurant lasting about 8 months, or until the concept for the permanent restaurant is finalized. He didn't say for certain, but I gathered that the leading concept at the moment is for a casual burger joint. The three chefs (Keller, Lee, and Cerciello of Bouchon) will alternate creating the single $45 fixed daily menu (a la Chez Panisse). They will not be taking reservations.

    Not sure how much of that is repeated from the SF Chronicle article, but I'm tired and too lazy to look it up. Hope it helps.

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      They were supposed to open in July, but they had alcohol permit problems. They are slated to open Sept. 16.