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Help !!! Oven too small for Holiday cooking

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Just moved and it just occured to me there is no way the Turkey and the other items( Side Dishes) are going to fit in my oven. Any ideas besides starting the Side Dishes tonight. Any help will be appreciated

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    1. Do anything tonight that you can. You ought to do that anyway.

      Spatchcock the turkey. Put the stuffing in a sheet pan, put the turkey on a grill over the stuffing so that drippings go into the stuffing. That should fill up one rack in the oven. Cook the rest on the other rack.

      Or - use an outside barbeque grill. The charcoal Webbers don't cost much and will hold a big (22lb) turkey.

      Good luck. When this happened to me, I found out on T-day itself.

      1. A turkey will hold really well for a good hour after you take it out of the oven. You may be able to take it out, let it rest and put all of your sides in the oven to cook/warm through while you make gravy and finish up stove top items.

        1. What about a toaster oven or microwave? Both are good for re-heating...

          1. I do sides ahead and either keep them warm over a hot-water bath or on a warming tray. While the turkey rests, you could also pop things in the oven to reheat. Most sides can be cooked/reheated on the stovetop.

            1. Or how about sealing the turkey in cryovac and doing a long sous vide in the dishwasher?

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                Or turning on the car's engine and cooking the sides on the motor? What was the name of that book? Manifold Destiny?

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                  Yes, that's the name! Great reading, ablthough I can't say I've tried any of the recipes.

              2. I know this is a little late, but your oven can fit a 20 lb. bird if it is at least 26 inches wide. I have two of them. They did look small at first, but they are fine. A standard cookie sheet and most of my roasting pans fit fine, but some were too big. You need to get smaller roasting pans, and the bird will fit tighter but will cook fine. Measure before the next trip to the cookware store and try a few out.

                You can also do things like sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, green beans, mushrooms, other veggies without an oven. Most of my recipes involve stovetop and can be adapted to the microwave for additional bandwidth.