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Roll House Sushi in Santa Monica--Anyone been?

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A new sushi place opened up on 4th street between Broadway and Colorado called Roll House sushi. Some coworkers were discussing going there for happy hour today.

Has anyone been? Any reviews, details, etc. appreciated.

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  1. Are you sure you have the location right? Is it in the mall? I'd be really curious to hear about it.

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      I haven't been there and don't know exactly what the OP is talking about, but there are stores on the east side of 4th across from the mall.

      Vans is on the corner and if you walk south on that side of the street there are some shops and restaurants between Broadway and the Ken Edwards Center.

      The mall is on the west side (as I'm sure you know.)

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        No, it's not in the mall. It's on the east side of 4th across from the mall as PaulF suggested below. We stopped by, but the happy hour is sushi only, no drinks. So, we wound up at Monsoon. We'll likely try it for lunch sometime.

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          This looks like it:

          Roll House Sushi
          1509 4th St
          Santa Monica, CA 90401
          (310) 394-3956

          What used to be Hedwig's Cafe (not sure if that was Harry's owl or someone's Angry Inch).