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Which cupcake shop?

So my friend gave me half of her margarita-flavored cupcake and... it was delicious. She received it as a gift, and it was apparently bought at a bakery/cupcake shop (don't know exactly which), supposedly "near St-Laurent street". Does anyone know where they came from?

P.S. The margarita cupcake had pink frosting and a dried red fruit (cranberry, I believe) on top.

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  1. St-Laurent is a looong street. I know itsi-bitsi has a "mojito" cupcake on saturdays, but it's not at all near St-Laurent.

    1. There is a store on Mont-Royal devoted to cupcakes, forget the name though. It's about 3 blocks east of St-Denis, on the north side of the street.

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        Petits Gateaux Boutique Cupcakes

        Petits Gateaux Boutique Cupcakes
        783 Avenue Du Mont-Royal Est, Montreal, QC H2J, CA

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          It's far enough from St-Laurent and not exactly known for "delicious" cupcakes, so I expect it's not the place.

      2. I have to completely agree with the following cup cake review, this blogger OWNS !:


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          Thanks guys. I think I'll just try Itsi Bitsi and (especially) Cocoa locale, because I've almost exclusively heard good things about it. Besides, I'm not sure I'd want to get the margarita cupcake a second time. I think the fun of cupcakes is finding special flavours, anyway.

        2. Perhaps your friend was talking about Fuschia on Duluth about a block from the Main?

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            I spoke with Reema today at Cocoa Locale. Unless I misheard, what she told me, is that she doesn't make anything for Fuschia currently or even previously(I thought like you, she was supplying stuff for Fuschia). I also inquired if she makes a margarita flavored cupcake, & she told me 'no.'

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              I think it is Fuschia where the OP's friend got the cupcake. They occasionally have cupcakes. I tried it recently, and while the frosting was good and the flavors were there; the cake itself had an odd, almost gummy texture that resembled egg heavy savory muffins. I like their new location (right across the old one, but airy and more pleasant), and I might give them another try since they are local small business and all; but at the same time I am still puzzled about how people have the nerve to charge 3 bucks for such badly baked items. My criticism is not just specific to Fuschia, almost every old fashioned cake I tried in this town (except for the ones made by lovely Reema) were ridiculously mis-baked and inappropriately overpriced. Seriously, I would be embarrased to put out such stuff in front of my boyfriend who eats anything I serve (well otherwise he will starve), and here they are asking for my lunch money.

            2. What about the cupcake shop on Notre Dame (near Dilallo Burger (and Joe Beef, I guess...))? Any reviews?

              Also, what's with the cupcake shops?

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                That's Itsi Bitsi and it's so so - not worth the price of a cupcake, but not spitting bad either.

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                  i forget the name, but it is on parc avenue, just south of villeneuve. something "local". she has deeeeeelicious cupcakes. i especially like the lemon with coconut on top of the frosting. her cookies are delicious too.

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                    Cocoa Locale. I'd be surprised if the margarita cupcake came from there, however.

              2. We were really disappointed in the mont Royal cupcake store found the cakesreally dry and not worth the calories, the Parc ave. store has tasty, fresh ones, somewhat expensive but with all the calories we share one from time to time when need a treat

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                  To be honest, I was disappointed a few times with Coca Locale. My wife and I decided to visit the store on 2 different occasions and on both occasions the store was closed (first time we didn't know she was closed all of January and second time was on a February Sunday afternoon).

                  When my wife decided to give it one more try and she went alone. She brought back a few cupcakes and a small red velvet chocolate cake. Cupcakes were good but the cake was delicious.

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                    I recently got a chance to try two cocoa locale cakes at a dinner party: the chocolate lavender and chocolate chai. Now, I love a rich, chocolate cake more than most people, and almost always finish chocolate cake, no matter how standard or rich, but I didn't finish either of these. I found the cakes dry, not flavorful enough, didn't care for the icing... No one else at the dinner party seemed to care for them that much either, as there was lots of cake left on people's plates at the end of the night, and the pieces weren't particularly large.