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Nov 21, 2007 11:48 AM

Which cupcake shop?

So my friend gave me half of her margarita-flavored cupcake and... it was delicious. She received it as a gift, and it was apparently bought at a bakery/cupcake shop (don't know exactly which), supposedly "near St-Laurent street". Does anyone know where they came from?

P.S. The margarita cupcake had pink frosting and a dried red fruit (cranberry, I believe) on top.

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  1. St-Laurent is a looong street. I know itsi-bitsi has a "mojito" cupcake on saturdays, but it's not at all near St-Laurent.

    1. There is a store on Mont-Royal devoted to cupcakes, forget the name though. It's about 3 blocks east of St-Denis, on the north side of the street.

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        Petits Gateaux Boutique Cupcakes

        Petits Gateaux Boutique Cupcakes
        783 Avenue Du Mont-Royal Est, Montreal, QC H2J, CA

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          It's far enough from St-Laurent and not exactly known for "delicious" cupcakes, so I expect it's not the place.

      2. I have to completely agree with the following cup cake review, this blogger OWNS !:

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          Thanks guys. I think I'll just try Itsi Bitsi and (especially) Cocoa locale, because I've almost exclusively heard good things about it. Besides, I'm not sure I'd want to get the margarita cupcake a second time. I think the fun of cupcakes is finding special flavours, anyway.

        2. Perhaps your friend was talking about Fuschia on Duluth about a block from the Main?

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            I spoke with Reema today at Cocoa Locale. Unless I misheard, what she told me, is that she doesn't make anything for Fuschia currently or even previously(I thought like you, she was supplying stuff for Fuschia). I also inquired if she makes a margarita flavored cupcake, & she told me 'no.'

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              I think it is Fuschia where the OP's friend got the cupcake. They occasionally have cupcakes. I tried it recently, and while the frosting was good and the flavors were there; the cake itself had an odd, almost gummy texture that resembled egg heavy savory muffins. I like their new location (right across the old one, but airy and more pleasant), and I might give them another try since they are local small business and all; but at the same time I am still puzzled about how people have the nerve to charge 3 bucks for such badly baked items. My criticism is not just specific to Fuschia, almost every old fashioned cake I tried in this town (except for the ones made by lovely Reema) were ridiculously mis-baked and inappropriately overpriced. Seriously, I would be embarrased to put out such stuff in front of my boyfriend who eats anything I serve (well otherwise he will starve), and here they are asking for my lunch money.

            2. What about the cupcake shop on Notre Dame (near Dilallo Burger (and Joe Beef, I guess...))? Any reviews?

              Also, what's with the cupcake shops?

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              1. re: madsci

                That's Itsi Bitsi and it's so so - not worth the price of a cupcake, but not spitting bad either.

                1. re: maisonbistro

                  i forget the name, but it is on parc avenue, just south of villeneuve. something "local". she has deeeeeelicious cupcakes. i especially like the lemon with coconut on top of the frosting. her cookies are delicious too.

                  1. re: pistachio peas

                    Cocoa Locale. I'd be surprised if the margarita cupcake came from there, however.