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Nov 21, 2007 11:47 AM

Pizza way out in Tottenville, Staten Island

Tottenville, Staten Island is part of New York City, but it feels like you need a passport to get there. I had to go there for a non-chow related reason and took the SIRT all the way to the end of the line. I checked out a pizza place on Amboy Road just west of Main Street called Vellaggio (I'm probably spelling it wrong). I got what they called a "Brooklyn" slice, which basically was a Sicilian. It wasn't bad; nicely flavorful sauce, the pizza dough was tasty. Afterward, I went to an old-fashioned ice cream parlor up the block for dessert which wasn't anything out of the ordinary, but very nice.

This neighborhood doesn't strike me as a destination for food, but if you happen to be there for another reason, there are at least these two pleasant options.

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  1. This might be worth keeping in mind if warm weather ever returns to New York. It makes a neat summer excursion. I went out to Tottenville many many years ago, just for the heck of it. It looked more like a small Kansas town than any place in Kansas, which might be why Splendor in the Grass was filmed in Staten Island.

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      it was?! nothing can bring back the hour of S I T G... i lived in SI and didnt know!

    2. And if you're in Tottenville and in need of liquid refreshment, there's Killmeyer's, source for German tap beer and atmosphere. (German food too, about which I'm no expert.) Actually Killmeyer's may be technically a little north of Tottenville; it's on Arthur Kill Rd. near Clay Pit Ponds Park.

      1. Brian S is right, Tottenville still has a retro midwestern kind of atmosphere. It's probably Staten Island's best kept secret. There are still a few small "farms" out there. People keep horses and there is at least one cattery. There are lots of small, neighborhood driven restaurants out there. It's a nice warm weather ride on the SIRT.
        and a great neighborhood for exploring