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Nov 21, 2007 11:43 AM

Roti in downtown Brooklyn

I had jury duty the other day and at lunch wandered into Guyana-Trinidad roti (or something like that; I forgot the exact name) on Lawrence Street just south of Willoughby. They had duck roti on the menu, but didn't have it that day. I got the veggie roti instead and it was pretty good. I didn't have to beg them to put the pepper sauce on (they did ask, but weren't shy about applying it). The spinach was particularly good, the roti not overly flaky, and the sauce a nice compliment. One quibble is that they didn't put pumpkin in the roti, which I usually love in roti dishes (Hot and Spicy in Ozone Park, Queens does a good job on this score). Pretty cheap, a good place to return to.

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  1. isnt that the place called Justin's? I havent been but its been discussed before.

    1. Please elaborate on Ozone Park eats.

      Interesting roti selections. If you go deeper down to Bedford and such you'll find a few really good roti spots. Mmmm conch...