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Nov 21, 2007 11:39 AM

Finally, decent Pakistani on Coney Island Ave

About three years ago, I moved to Prospect Park South and was excited by the proximity to the big Pakistani community on Coney Island Avenue between Avenue H and Ditmas. I figured that there must be a lot of gems in there. I tried about five places, and they ranged from bad to mediocre. I'm glad to report I found one that I genuinely liked: Paradise East on Coney Island between H and I.

They've got kind of an odd menu, because there are Chinese and Italian dishes there (I was hoping for something Tangra-Masala-like, but that will have to wait). I stuck with the Pakistani dishes. I particular, the samosa chat was great (although better the first time I tried it), the palak paneer was spicy and flavorful, and I also got a goat dish that I don't remember the name of. They have four goat dishes on the menu; it's a spicy dish, with ginger in it. The meat was exactly as goat should be, and the sauce it was in was right; not too gloopy.

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  1. Finally. I'll look into it.